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Be sure to post a link to your costume or pumpkin photo with a sign that says on it on this blog post. Get your photo up before November 2nd at the stroke of midnight!

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Playstation Rewards Beta Invites Are Going Out Now

If you are a GAP member and/or an early adopter of PlayStation Plus, be sure to check your email to see if you were accepted in the PlayStation Rewards program. Sony announced the program recently as an awards incentive for doing exactly what you already do and that’s play games. Good luck to all, hopefully more details unfold soon.

Click more to see new information taken directly from the PlayStation®Rewards Beta Agreement

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Uncharted Novel Announced

While we wait to get our hands on Uncharted 3, it looks like we will be able to hold ourselves from fanboy exhaustion by reading “Uncharted: The Fourth Labyrinth” which will be written by Christopher Golden.

Nathan Drake will embark on an all-new, original, action-packed adventure-in search of a secret that will put him on the trail of the legendary labyrinth of Daedalus, and take him from the ruins of Crete to a secret crypt deep in the heart of China!

The book will not be a sequel or prequel but a stand alone story as to not take away from the game.

I for one will be jumping head first into this. It is scheduled to be released Fall 2011.


Play Asteroids on

Asteroids on

I put a link at the bottom of so it shows on every page. Just click the “Don’t Click Me” link and it will activate. You can scroll up and down to find more enemies.

  • Steer with the arrow-keys.
  • Shoot with space.
  • Can’t see your remaining enemies? Then press and hold B

Post your high scores here on this topic and what page you destroyed.

I wish I could take credit for making this but I did not. Here is who made it, this actually works on any website too. Check his page for how to do it.


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