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New Mass Effect 2 DLC Coming |

Although all DLC will be new for us PS3 users, a post from the Cerberus Network news service, an in game daily newscast, confirmed that there will be new DLC content in 2011. It also announced the end of daily news updates.

The Cerberus Daily News will begin a hiatus on January 24th, finishing its run of one full year. Daily postings will cease except for three weeks in 2011: a week of posts will precede a downloadable content release, and two more weeks will lead up to the release of Mass Effect 3. The CDN team thanks fans for their attention, comments, and feedback (both in and out of character!). We are sorry to go, but we had fun — we hope you did, too!

  • EdEN

    Might pick up the PS3 version since it includes almost all of the DLC… but is the included DLC a download voucher or is it actually on the disc? HDD is almost full and I can’t be bothered to change them.

  • Royalty32

    So many games in 2011. To bad I wont be enjoying them any time soon. Thats rite im leaving the world of video games for a while. There’s alot of good things about gaming and there’s a lot of bad as well. Gaming took over my life to a point where i dnt ever wanna return to. Leaving video games for a while will be hard but i kno its for the best. Time to get my money up and maybe one day ill return. Keep up the good work, u definitly do the ps3 justice. This will be the lat time i post on this website. Happy New Year to all, have an awsome 2011.

    P.S. Video games is one of the worst addictions in the world. Please dnt let it take over you. If video games are ur life and for some it is, make sure ur getting paid for it. It’ll help in the long run. Talk to you guys later, Royalty32 out.

  • WOW they really want PS3 users to get this huh?

    @Royalty32 take care, best of luck!

  • Oly

    I played thru the demo and pre ordered the next day.. liked it a lot..

    @Royalty32 hope to see you back someday! Till then be safe

  • I wasn’t too impressed with the demo at all doubt ill be getting this game

  • Oly


    I wasn’t too impressed with the demo at all doubt ill be getting this game  


    Ya def not a game for everyone..

  • Derrickgott007

    Played the demo and I have mixed feelings. I always feel like I picked the wrong response on the dialog wheels. I hate that feeling. I did like the character customization though, made a Derrick Shepard… Lol

    Can you replay this game? Or is it like Heavy Rain and one playthrough is all?

  • Oly

    You can replay it, but,, you can also replay Heavy Rain.. Heavy Rain has many different endings.