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InFamous 2: Who Is The Beast? |

With InFamous 2 releasing later this year lingering questions from the first game are sure to be answered with more most likely to be raised, but will the most important question of them all, Who is The Beast, be addressed ? Lots of spoilers ahead. Don’t read any further if you haven’t played/beaten Infamous yet.

In case you skipped the ending of the first game, Cole first became aware of the notorious entity known only as “The Beast” after his fight with Kessler concluded. Everything Cole experienced in the game at Kessler’s hands was his( Kessler) way of preparing Cole for the coming of The Beast. Unfortunately due to Kessler’s one way trip through time The Beast arrives in Empire City ahead of schedule and before Cole is ready to face it. This is where InFamous 2 picks ups as Cole escapes to New Marais to acquire information on how to beat The Beast from the First Sons, who have settled into the city.

Which brings me back to the question; Who is the Beast? Described as “a beast intent on extinguishing all life” in InFamous, this red eyed figure that wrecked havoc in Kessler’s time appears as a bald individual with the ability to control fire. Could it be another version of Cole; one that also traveled through the different time lines in order to gain more power?

That’s my theory but other possible explanations out there has The Beast being either John,Sasha or Alden from Infamous. Although from what we’ve seen of the villain Sasha being The Beast seems to be a bit of a stretch. John is reduced to ashes in front of Cole’s eyes in both good and evil paths so the chances of him being The Beast are slim. That leaves Alden, the telekinetic old man. Could he be The Beast or is it someone yet to be revealed?

As you can tell I’m really looking forward to finally discovering the true identity behind this infamous bad guy. Will Sucker Punch reveal just who ( or what ) The Beast is in InFamous 2? We’ll have to wait and see but in the meantime the question remains; Who is the Beast?

  • It will be interesting to see. I’ve been meaning to replay Infamous, perhaps I should do that now before Dead Space 2 arrives.

  • Huh, I’d forgotten about “The Beast.” Another Cole is a good bet. How about the pseudo-FBI woman who claims to be married to the mole (John?). Or is she Sasha? Sorry, been awhile since I played the game. Awesome game, tho. I’m playing Prototype now (rather late, I know). I’m constantly thinking, man this is a sorry inFamous clone. Unless it antedates inFamous, in which case the latter is a way better Prototype clone.

  • They came out roughly the same time. Like Deep Impact and Armageddon.

  • Jim

    I thought it was pretty clear at the end of InFamous 1 that it was Cole from an alternate timeline.

  • L/L

    My money is on John having made a bargain with the devil. Maybe not literally but ashes, fire and hell go hand in hand. His ethic seems to be the furthest from the Beast’s out of the plausible options, so a good story would be needed to explain his turn to the dark side.

  • I’m the Beast!

  • haha waiting for someone to say that Eddie

  • kennygk

    Yah i was pretty sure that the beast was evil cole with fire powers from another timeline. Makes sense since in infamous 2 cole gets ice powers.

  • i need to get my hands on the first one again never did finish it

  • hey at least they listened to the community and are going to bring back old cole, and not that douchbag looking new cole they had designed…..good god

  • I loved the ending of inFamous and can’t wait for the second game. I think the beast will be Cole, but the evil Cole. So as if you played through infamous1 as an evil guy then eventually he became much more powerful etc. So it could be like the heroic Cole fighting against Evil Cole

  • CryMordfind

    very doubtly that sasha is the beast but I do know this, is that sasha has to do something with the four legged creatures from the swamp also the Beast could actually be John maybe because what if the ray sphere had something evil sealed inside it since John was talking about him holding it in his hands and he was saying he felt something inside it like it wanted to come out or something or the other possibility is when the Ray blew up the first time one Cole got his powers maybe someone had lost something so valuble his turned insane.