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Kung-Fu Live Demo Out and Tutorial Videos |

The Kung-Fu Live Demo arrived on the PlayStation Store and along with it Virtual Air Guitar released some tutorials on how to best set up your playing area. My body never fit into the white outline like his does in the video above, lol. Doesn’t really matter though as long as your whole body is visible.

Advanced Calibration tutorial after the jump.

I would start out each match by slow walking back and forth to clean up the background, just because. If you tried the demo what did you think of it? Want to win a copy? Check out our giveaway here, and my review here.

  • topthis

    This seems to have the most support for a capture game yet on PS3.

  • xDeFcoN_2FasT4Ux

    yea loks like it

  • Been playing this demo quite a few times tonight, I really like it. It’s really good and the special moves and attacks make it fun.

  • Played the demo — tons of fun, but impossible to play in my tiny living room! Last night I punched a wall. Hard. Oi!