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Torchlight Not Coming to PSN |

Several months ago I tweeted back and forth with an employee from Runic Games asking if we would ever see Torchlight on the PSN, due to a podcast where they stated that porting Torchlight to a console wasn’t out of the question. I even asked them if we would see it on the PS3 and was informed that it is something that the team is thinking about but can’t guarantee anything due to the size of the team. Well it appears that we can all forget about it, after learning that the game will hit XBLA within the month or so I quickly asked if PS3 users will be getting the game on the PSN around the same time, only to get the following response:

@LouPetridish no current plans whatsoever for PSN

  • anonymoose

    bracing for s***storm

  • This is some what disappointing, was actually looking forward to this hitting the PSN 🙁

  • Fun game — a steal for $10-15. But aren’t we getting a new Diablo sometime? I’m sure that will be better than Torchlight. If any of you get Torchlight on the PC, check out the mods. The only one I used (but which I find invaluable) is one that dispenses with the identification scrolls and auto-identifies enchanted objects. It seems to me a silly waste of time to carry around those scrolls and laboriously drop a scroll on each new item in my inventory. It’s mainly another way to make you go back to town periodically — to buy new scrolls. Otherwise you won’t have to go back much, as a brilliant innovation in this game is that your NPC pet (a cat or a dog) has an inventory as well, and you can drop items in his satchel and then send him back to town with a click of a button to sell the stuff for you.

    Anyway, cool game, surprisingly varied tilesets, but ultimately it’s a dungeon crawler, and even if the enemies look different, you’ll be fighting essentially the same ones all the time. And you’ll be using basically one tactic all the time — you’ll find a weapon or spell that works for you early game, mid game, and late game; there’s no reason to vary the attack formula until it becomes underpowered as you progress. The story is really thin, and it’s hard to develop an attachment to any of its characters. The game is a fun way to kill time, but I wouldn’t spend much money on it. I beat the game in about ten hours, and I did every side quest and explored every nook and cranny of each map.

  • Glad I just bought a 360.

  • @premiersouir Torchlight II is going to hit before Diablo 3.
    @Blackstaffer pls don’t tell me you got it because of Black Ops

  • EdEN

    Microsoft back to throwing money at developers, huh?

  • Limited team, so unless they got a 3rd party to do it they just went with what was easier. Xbox is easy to port 2. PS3 takes a little more work. Unless your right and Xbox and threw money at them.

  • EdEN

    @Luke: Problem was that it’s a PC game and going from PC to 360 is easier. When making a multiplatform release it’s easier to do the main SKU on the PS3 and then port to the 360. Going the other way around is a huuuuge no-no since the end result is inferior.

  • hobbes

    arg… i’d buy a 360 if i could get Live for free, or actually get something for their subscription.

  • hobbes: I hate it say it, but the 360 really is better at several things than the PS3 is. Here’s my take, now that I’ve owned one for a couple days.

    Things the PS3 is better at:

    – interface (XMB) is much better
    – console exclusives
    – controller (especially the DPAD)
    – multimedia support (DLNA)
    – plays Blu-Ray

    Things the 360 is better at:

    – party support (PS3 just doesn’t have it)
    — this is a biggie, if you’ve never tried it, don’t knock it
    – multiplatform games (like CoD and Borderlands) are often better on 360
    — I’m not saying that the PS3 isn’t capable of being equal, just that developers are lazy
    – you can send/receive messages and friend invites from website or iPhone app
    — this has already been very handy for me