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Orb BR Software Coming to PS3 |

Seems like Orb Networks is about to drop a gem out of the sky for Blu-ray & PS3 owners. Earlier today at CES the company announced that they are going to be releasing a Blu-ray disc to consumers, turning their devices into one stop shops for all their media needs. Once you pop in the disc you’ll have access to Netflix, Hulu Plus, Comedy Central, Amazon VoD, YouTube, Hulu, ABC, CBS as well as several other networks only for $19.99 (internet connection required). Now I know that some of you might say “Great I just got rid of the Netflix disc and now I am going to be getting another disc?”. Even if that’s the case, its not like you can pass this up for 20 bucks. This is a lot of great content and if this allows your Blu-ray or PS3 to turn into a global source of goodness than I am all for it. This thing is even going to support HD output at 720p and 1080p resolution, and is aimed at a late February release. I don’t know about any of you but it looks like things just got a whole lot better for the PS3!!!

Source [Engadget]

  • Cool, very cool, but I doubt it will come to canada.

  • Oly

    Wait I don’t get it… This isn’t all those services for 19.99 a month is it?? the disc cost 19.99 to add those services to the PS3?? 3 of which are already there..

  • I believe that what it does is searches for the channels online which is why you need an internet connection.

  • WaddupFoo

    So the one time 19.99 covers all the subscriptions for Hulu Plus, Netflix, etc?
    Kinda confused about this

  • I actually hope it is $20 flat for the disk and pay for your programming. I am enjoying the $8 Netflix, but getting easy access to free HD programming on YouTube, Hulu, ABC and CBS on the PS3 is totally worth an outlay of $20. On the flipside, everything for $20 a month might also be worth looking into.

  • Yeah, this is confusing, even in the linked source article. I would assume that you pay $20 for the disc, but you’re not buying (premium) access to any of the content that it connects to. So you’d still have to pay $8/mo. minimum to Netflix, for instance, if you want to use Netflix.

  • sounds interesting tho probably stick with what the ps3 already offers.

  • I am thinking this is only like a Hub where you can select each program but then you still need to been signed up for it. For instance Netflix and Hulu Plus are not free so you will need login info for that. Not sure about the others though, might just be able to stream what they are offering for free.

  • Oly

    From what I’ve read.. here and there.. it is still a little vague, but I believe it’s what Premiersoupir says,, one time.. $20 for just the disc, and that just gives you access to Netflix, Hulu, and the others, which you’d still have to subscribe too.. so, for us PS3 users, it will only add some of the other stuff like Amazon VOD, etc..

  • EdEN

    A bit vague and confusing. And when something sounds too good to be true…

  • Jay

    It’s obviously just for the disc itself. It probably stores your subscription info in the BD player’s memory so you don’t have to log into the services every time, but you’re still in charge of subscribing to the services themselves. The only way you could get a “one subscription covers all” is if the media service providers agreed to it. The only thing this does is basically give you the internet functions you find on a lot of new TVs, in which you still need to subscribe to those services separately as well

  • xDeFcoN_2FasT4Ux


  • Red

    Just for the disc itself, and it works quite qell – you can see the review here