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Dragon Age 2: The Exiled Prince DLC “Free if you Act NOW!” |

Adventure alongside Sebastian Vael, an archer of noble birth, as he seeks revenge for the brutal murder of his family. Aid him in his quest, and direct his righteous wrath on your enemies. Sebastian is a full companion character, complete with his own series of side missions. Gain the prince’s allegiance as part of The Exiled Prince downloadable pack included in the BioWare Signature Edition, or ,’will be’ available separately for $7 ‘on the PSN.’

As I posted a few days ago, If you Pre-order Dragon Age II before January 11, 2011, Bio-Ware will give you an automatic upgrade to the BioWare Signature Edition for free. This is in fact the only way to get this Signature edition, so you only have four days left!!

  • more free stuff aways a good thing. oh ye 1ST!!!!

  • Oly

    2nd! booya!

  • EdEN

    Might get the Ultimate edition for the first game and eventually get part 2 next year. Too many games, not enough time and money!

  • EdEN

    And part 2 won’t be bought until an ultimate edition is made available with all the extra DLC at an affordable price…