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Coming to PSN: MiniSquadron (minis) |

A game that has been available for the iPhone for a while is now the subject of a port to the PSN minis range of games thanks to Grip Games and SuperMono Studios.  MiniSquadron is best described as and old school flavored 2D shoot-em-up that is contained within a few screens worth of space and has you going back and forth knocking down wave after wave of enemy planes.

MiniSquadron is a frantic shooter involving lots of little planes vying for the supremacy of the skies! The player takes control of one of his airplanes and has to battle for the victory, using crazy weapons and incredible aerial stunts!

Key features of MiniSquadron include:
·         8 worlds, each one including 12 intense waves of enemies.
·         A massive arsenal of weapons, including super-awesome mega-laser.
·         Over 50 planes to unlock, containing jet planes, alien aircrafts and a flying panda.
·         Stunning graphics & art.

Game should be made available during one of the PSN store updates for february and we’ll probably have a review of MiniSquadron here at around the same time.

  • I struggle to get excited for Minis, I would much prefer if they had trophies.

  • EdEN

    I used to think the same but after getting A Space Shooter For Two Bucks, Kahoots, Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess and Blast Off I can see the appeal of minis… specially since I also own a DSi and DSiware is basically the same type of service.

  • xDeFcoN_2FasT4Ux

    idk sounds good but idk

  • minia are really good for psp since there small you can have a lot on the memory stick. Even on ps3 there are still some good ones

  • EdEN

    I played some of them on my PS3 but they’re definitely more suited for the PSP portable experience in short bursts.

  • Yeah I really like Monsters Stole My Princess aswell, I just would play them a whole lot more if they had trophies. especially on PSP

  • EdEN

    Maybe the PSP2 will do that? So you have one PSN account on your PS3, PSP, PSP2 and PS4 and all trophies from all games are in one single account for PSP2, PS3 and PS4?

  • that is exactly what I want, it would be awesome. then the PSN would be a hub for all playstation platforms 😀

  • EdEN

    Maybe those that are going to E3 2011 from can ask Sony about how they’ll handle PSN on the PSP2 so we can get an idea if this is the direction they’ll take.

  • that would be cool, although I think the PSP2 will already be announced then and hopefully the integration with PSN and PS3 will be some of the stuff they talk about first

  • Oly

    If PSP2 is coming that soon, I seriously doubt there will be an announcement before E3..

    Adding the PSN with trophies on it will be awesome..