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Introducing the PlayStation Home Mansion |

Now available for Home users is the new Home Mansion, the first expandable personal space for the PS3’s virtual 3D social gaming network. The mansion comes with four connectible areas which include a pool, a game room and a garage which will unlock “secret hidden treasures.” Even though the mansion is available now some of it’s other areas won’t be accessible until a later date.

  • lol that trailer is funny

  • Derrickgott007

    I have to admit, after the newness of HOME wore off I never went back. I find it oddly boring for some reason. The beta of home was still better, even 3 years later the beta was better.

  • Luke

    I am with you @Derrickgott007 no matter how much I try to like it I just can’t.

  • I remember we meet in the Clubhouse inside of Home before a game night once and it was a fun way to meet up before we jumped into the game actually.

    But I haven’t used Home in at least 6+ months. I don’t have much time to game, so I don’t want to spend it hanging around in PS Home.

    We could use the Clubhouse for a meeting place again if you’d like. I’m sure it’s still active.

  • i think that a good idea before game nights. Let everyone meet before diving into it

    • It was fun to chat with everyone and not be in the heat of battle.

  • squirtbot

    Home meet up is a cool idea, that way you can just meet in that spot and be a part of the game. You don’t have to be on a list or not get added…. just show up to the party!

  • Oly

    Def a great way to meet up before games.. we need to do it!!
    Kane112, Luke and I had a ton of fun screwing around in Home one night.. met a group of Hamsters.. lol they have a queen/king and everything!

    Commercial is def funny

  • xDeFcoN_2FasT4Ux

    lol looks good

  • James Coats

    I purchased the 1st floor of the mansion, I have not been able to wear my golden robes that show up on my rewards. They never show up on my wardrobe, any idea why I can’t use them?