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Mass Effect 2 Will Be Available on the PSN & Blu-Ray on 1/18 |

Mass Effect 2 will be released next week alongside LittleBigPlanet 2. Personally, I enjoyed the first one (a 360 exclusive) quite a bit. Too bad my PS3 is still out of order, and thus, I will still have to wait to pick this up. Anyway, what’s cool about it is the game will be coming to the PlayStation Store as well. As usual, PlayStation Plus subscribers get to do the 1 hour trial as well.

The downside to quite a few people is the $60 price tag associated with the game, though. Personally, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal, considering we get the best version of the game with the updated Mass Effect 3 engine (and the differences were definitely noticeable) and all the DLC.

Anyway, one of the big questions was how much space the game will take up. According to the Examiner, upon inquiring Sony, Grace Chen responded saying the download clocks in at “around 12GB”, so if you’re planning on downloading it, as opposed to getting the Blu-Ray disc, keep in mind the amount of space needed.


  • Oly

    Jay.. i cant believe u didn’t give me credit for the title and the SOURCE link… lol j/k

    I’m definitely buying this one.. on bluray..
    That way I can loan it away to my brother and friends, or even trade it back in if I finally decide to do

  • EdEN

    I’d have to leave it downloading the game overnight so it MIGHT be done in the morning. That’s one big file. Not as big as the DC Universe Online Beta, but still…

  • Can’t wait for this, I’ve pre-ordered the blu ray version.

  • Will grab the demo 2nite.

  • Dave

    Mass Effect 2 was great on PC and I loved it, its a RP Shooter but very cool and graphics holy crap man great lol well at lease for the PC.

  • xDeFcoN_2FasT4Ux

    Really can careless for the game.

  • Kratos

    Hey Defcon! This game, regardless of how much you care for it, is one of the most highly polished and entertaining experiences ever created. Although your point was extremely well argued and you are obviously “2fAsTfOrMe” and have completely awesome malfunctioning “shift” and “x” keys, I’m obliged to tell you that your opinion is irrelevant to the entire world.

  • Dave

    yes Mass Effect 2 is awesome, great story line and I’am glad they are making it for the PS3 fans, I have a PS3 but couldnt wait for it so I got it on PC, their are certain games I only get on PS3 and certain games I only get on PC, and Mass Effect 2 if I didnt have it now I would only get on PC anyway cause PC will always have better graphics and it just blows you away on the PC, so I hope it looks great, sounds great and graphics look great for all you PS3 fans out their.

    Mass Effect 2 for PS3 wont be any different from the PC verion, game play wise. graphics wont look as good as PC, but I’am sure it will still look sharp, consoles can only do so much. anyway to all PS3 fans good luck and have lots and lots of fun.

  • Dave

    if anybody is concern about the $60.00 price tag on PS3, well you can get a steam acct. and buy it for $20.00 for PC and have it forever or you can get the delux for $30.00 or $35.00 and I dont know what that has that my game dont have, never looked it up to see if its any differnt, you can go to and and look at the games they have and etc… and they always have sells going on for the games, I dont get games at bestbuy anymore, you if you know anything about steam you will know what I’am talking about, but its worth looking into but if you are just a PS3 fan and dont care for the PC well thats ok too.

  • Yeah, this is one of those games that I’d like to play on my PC if I had a PC that wasn’t practically an octogenarian (in “tech years”). But I’ll have to settle on the PS3 version. Now if only GameFly would *ever* send me a game from my queue that was released after 2009…

  • Dave

    yeah you can have a core 2 duo and play it fine at settings highs and very highs and have no lags and freezies, anything older like a 1800+ (10 years old) no I dont thank that would run at all at any settings its just to strong of a game to run on that kind of PC, but core 2 duo is just fine and they are cheep to get and even cheeper to build your own like I do, and I get parts from but yeah I’am sure it will be great on PS3.