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BulletStorm Demo to hit PSN On 1/25 ; Plus New Bulletpoints Videos |

EA just announced that a Bulletstorm demo will be available for download through the PSN on January 25 in North America, and on January 26 in Europe.

Hit the Jump for more details, as well as 2 New “Bulletpoint” videos.

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Bulletstorm ships with three game modes: the pulp sci-fi, single-player campaign; Anarchy multiplayer mode; and Echo mode, a unique experience that tracks and compares players’ scores while they play through locations found in the campaign. The Bulletstorm demo introduces a slice of Echo mode in which players traverse a collapsed building on the deadly paradise planet Stygia as ex-Dead Echo leader Grayson Hunt. Players will utilize the “Skillshot” system in Bulletstorm as they crush enemies in increasingly creative ways to rack up points using an arsenal of powerful weapons, from a futuristic assault rifle called the Peace Maker Carbine, to the Flail Gun, which fires two grenades linked by a chain, and the Screamer, a powerful revolver that turns enemies into human fireworks.

From highest score to total number of skillshots performed, players can compete with their friends for bragging rights in Echo mode as they decimate enemies with over-the-top combat moves using some of the most innovative weapons ever seen in a first-person shooter. With more than 45 skillshots in the demo, players are encouraged to “Kill with Skill” in Bulletstorm, finding stylish and ever imaginative ways to take down anyone that stands in their way. The Bulletstorm demo also allows players to unlock platform-specific upgrades* to use in the game’s Anarchy mode, from the Crimson Leash to Stealth Armor, when they purchase the full game.

Bulletstorm will be released on Feb. 22, 2011 in North America and Feb. 25, 2011 in Europe.

Source from Press Release

[tab:Bulletpoints #’s 3 and 4]
Two new Bulletpoints that continue the crude senseless violence!

  • Love the flesh eating plant, lol. Wonder what other surprises they have in store.

  • hobbes

    game looks interesting

  • hehe, not the greatest new for cliff bleszinsky…

    i like the fact they have dozens of skills shots, it makes multiplayer a little more fun.

    even though i always get killed trying to be an over achiever…

  • Am I the only one that really isn’t exited about this game, I mean I will play the demo but this game doesn’t look more than just another shooter.

    I’ll be waiting for Killzone 3 when you need me 😛

  • xDeFcoN_2FasT4Ux

    Good atleast i can enjoy doin brutal stuff in a demo till I can rent the game in the summer.

  • Jimwah

    Actually I think this FPS is trying to be different than the norm. Its not just “gritty story + multiplayer pvp powerhouse” like COD, MOH, BF, and KZ, but instead tries to get players to compete with themselves and think about how they fight. The fun comes from the experience of playing, which is what a game should be about, and doesn’t completely rely on the desire of many gamers to lord stats over each other.

    This game gives people their kicks from playing with variety and creativity, not noob tubing and spawn camping. Bring it on!

    Oh, and Steve Blum kicks ace.

  • Oly

    @jimwah I completely agree.. I played the demo level over and over and never got bored, challenging myself to get better and kil in different ways each time.. def enjoying it so far