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Magic: The Gathering: Tactics |

Another Magic game is making its way to the PS3, this one developed by Sony. It releases on 1/18/11 for the PC, but the PS3 date has not been settled yet. This version uses a 3D-rendered battle mechanic instead of the traditional playing cards, and it supports both single-player scenarios and online head-to-head matches. Will this game fare better than Duels of the Planeswalkers (2009), which received lukewarm critical reviews (Metacritic: 69 critic, 45 user)? The graphical quality of the latest trailer, seen below, does not help to raise my expectations. But then again, I’m not a battle card game aficionado. Are any of you excited about upcoming Tactics? How did you all respond to Duels? I was mainly annoyed that in the latter I was forced to use prefabricated decks. I hope that the new title changes that… and I hope that they release a demo.

  • hehe I use to play Magic.

  • pedro

    i used to play as well.

    but this game doesn’t sound anywhere as fun as a true tactics game or even a card game for that matter…

  • You’re on top of the game. Thanks for sahring.

  • This is a message to everyone who wants to play Fake Magic. Don’t. It’s a shame to the game. – There’s you fun site there is your pro site.

    Go out and by the Cardboard. And pretend what’s going on in your head while you duel. It’s much better then looking at crap on a screen.

    Darklurkr23 – MTG Player since 2002