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Kung-Fu Live Photo Contest Voting |

We got a last minute entry from terbas, so now you must vote for your favorite photo. Click the image to see a larger version. You can vote until the 8 am on January 20th. Then we shall see which 2 members win a free copy of Kung-Fu Live! Got some great photos, check them out and vote after the jump.

  • are there still 2 copies to give away ?

  • lol I need one of those t-shirts 😀

  • Yes, there are still 2 winners. I updated my post. If you want a t-shirt you can get one here.

  • Terbas looks like Zatoichi The Blind Samurai 🙂

  • Damn, looks like I’ve lost 🙁

  • Jay

    You are tied with eddie lol. You guys might have to have a battle to the death

  • Oly

    lol i still gotta get a pick of me using my 3yo daughter

  • Oly: lol i still gotta get a pick of me using my 3yo daughter  

    I’d like to see that, lol.

  • Derrickgott007

    I picked Eddie. I like to call that picture Ninja Overloaded.

  • @Tosh: It would be nice if this contest was using Kung Fu Live’s comic book feature! Everyone would prepare their own comic, and it is very easily exported so people could send their own comic.. Maybe next time 🙂 (My wife loved the feature, she made me send those to her facebook profile 🙂 )

  • Does the demo include that feature?

  • lol, funny stuff!

  • Yeah the demo does include that feature

  • eddie looks like he’s ready for world war 3!

  • haha nice pics