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Red Dead Redemption XP Challenge and Home Rewards |

Rockstar’s Social club has started a Red Dead Redemption XP Challenge, in which they combine the entire PlayStation Network online population’s XP to a growing thermometer. Once that thermometer reaches 100%, Rockstar will unlock and reward all participants with a PlayStation Home Elegant Suit and a crimson Posse t-shirt, available for both male and female avatars. Any Red Dead Redemption multiplayer session in which you earn XP will count toward the XP grand total.

To see the current thermometer progress check it out here.


  1. Would you say that’s a sign RDR multiplayer is failing?

  2. Not really.. this isn’t something big enuf to bring people back, I’m sure numbers are way down, as there is a ton more to play right now, however RDR multiplayer is soo full of win there is no fail.

  3. Wow the ps3 is actually leading in something. If I find some time I will hope in on this.

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