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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Information Has Surfaced |

(Found the Picture on Photobucket by Hypersonic01)

According to an article just released from the L.A. Times, Modern Warfare 3 will be released in November of 2011, and will be developed by Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games, with Raven Software pulling the multiplayer development duties.

Activision has quietly tapped Sledgehammer Games, a Northern California studio, to help out with the making of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, according to people familiar with the situation. The game has not been officially announced by Activision. But the title is well into production and is expected to come out in November, the same month that the publisher has annually released a new Call of Duty installment, people with knowledge of situation said. Modern Warfare 3 will be the first game Infinity Ward has produced since the departure of of company co-founders Jason West and Vince Zampella.

People close to the matter said Infinity Ward is working closely with Sledgehammer, which is led by a team recruited away from Activision’s rival Electronic Arts Inc. The two studios are equally sharing duties of producing the single-player portion of the game, the sources said.

Activision has also brought in Wisconsin-based Raven Software, which is working on the online multi-player elements for Modern Warfare 3, sources said.

  • so many mixed feelings based on this news and black ops and I don’t even know what to think…..

  • meh doubt ill get this game

  • sounds like this could be very disjointed much like medal of honor last year with multiple developers.

  • xDeFcoN_2FasT4Ux

    HMMM. well now I am not getting it, I’ll rent it for the story and thats it. IW was so much better on their own.

  • pedro

    I won’t be getting this at all… sometimes, it feels like they push it too hard.

  • Not interested. Activision has become so money hungry that the consumer gets the short end of the stick here. Look at mw2 on the ps3. It is so hacked and has been for quite sometime. I got reset to zero and every game has super jump and aim bots now. Cod is not on the same level as Killzone. I think the battlefield series has more going for it then cod at this point.

  • nick

    k you guys are thinking your not getting this game because there money hungry and theres hacked lobbys in mw2 this is mw3 so why dont you cry a little bit harder because your lvl 0 in mw2 and thats the reason u dont wanna get mw3 u guys are just mooks

  • Oly

    i laugh at you!

  • Nah cod is played out nick. Got to 4th prestiege on black ops and its already stale. They can make it a tad more interesting by removing the auto aim but its mostly beating a dead horse. Im a rainbow six,counterstrike fan myself.

    Im not getting it for the simple fact that it doesnt interest me. The people on it seem to all be talking about drugs and I have to filter through hundreds of people before I can find somebody with a braincell. Not my cup of tea anymore 😛

    IfI was going to cry it would be over the $4 trade in credit my son recieved for the title 🙂

  • never bought black ops. wont buy this. I was burned out on COD4. i hate activision for milking the series and making it one of the worst shooters around

  • cornelius

    I just hope MW3 is not rushed like Call of Duty Black Ops was. Has anyone heard anything new, the only information I could find on Modern Warfare 3 Anyone know of any other places?

  • I recommend following this blog to keep you up to date with the next Call of Duty titles. 😉

  • Why dont you guys stop worring about MW3 right now it will be a good game if you guys make it one . ( Meaning if you just play it for fun and don’t be negative ) . Anyways it comes out in many months so I guess we will see if it is worth ” crying ” about .

  • Mike

    This game will probably be amazing.. i dont know why you guys wouldnt get it. Okay first of all. Mw2, cod4 and every other cod before Black ops is hacked because They are not making money off the other games anymore. maybe a little. see when MW3 comes out. its going to be as protective as BLack ops. and BLack ops will soon be hacker galore. Mw3 is probably going to be based off the same graphics and shooting system. wayy better then black ops.

  • Mike

    EVERY BODY SAYS THAT. they are like. “im not getting this game, it sucks” and when the game comes out. they are like Omg, i want this game its so cool. and they end up getting it. I doubt all of you wont get it.

  • I hope they take the gameplay from cod4 the customization and wager matches,zombies from cod 7 and the options cod 6 had

  • Its great that sequel is in the works but it would be great if in the game aswell ass for the online game to include more guns and maybe night vision levels maybe a night vision onliane multiplayer..