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Dead Space: Extraction Is Heading to the PSN w/ Move Support |

Originally announced to be available with the Dead Space 2: Limited Edition, it was announced today that Dead Space: Extraction will also be made available on the PlayStation Network for download.

Dead Space: Extraction was originally released for the Wii, but has been updated with HD graphics and will be completely compatible with the PlayStation Move. Although the official PlayStation blog posted the above video and some brief information, word of it coming to the PSN was made in the comment section as an official reply. The comment replies also revealed that the co-op will not be online, but rather “couch” only, and that Trophy support and a Platinum are confirmed.

  • xDeFcoN_2FasT4Ux

    Man Im still wondering if i should get dead space 2 or just save my money and get the navigator controller and the gun when i get kz3! i really want that combo for kz3 aswell.

  • Oly

    Both are going to be great.

  • That sucks no online co-op

  • xDeFcoN_2FasT4Ux

    Oly: Both are going to be great.  ^

    yea I know but itll be 65 this month, then 120 im guessing for all the stuff ima get with kz3 then another 65 when i get yakuza 4 lol
    tomuch money unless u wanna giveaway a copy of dead space 2!!!! lol

  • pedro

    Does it still comes with the Dead Space 2: Limited Edition or not?

    I have pre-ordered that, altough I haven’t bought the move bundle yet.

  • I am sure it does @pedro, they are not going to change all of that. I think they are just expanding on it.

  • EdEN

    Already own Extraction on Wii but I’ll play it again once I’ve got the Move controller to get me some extra trophies.

  • EdEN

    @Pedro: Still included with the Limited Edition of Dead Space 2. This is so people that don’t buy Dead Space 2 can get Extraction… and maybe get it again once they buy Dead Space 2.

  • pedro

    Thanks @Luke and @Eden.

    I’m not particularly excited about Extraction, but hey, free content is free content.