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First Look at the Final Fantasy XIII-2 Trailer in English |

Square has officially released the english version of FFXIII-2 trailer that was recently shown at an event that was held in Japan. In this video you will see Lightning in her new gear that looks quite spiffy if you ask me as well as a new counterpart. Not sure who this new character is, but he is a tall male and doesn’t seem to friendly with Lightning.

  • pedro

    Looks great, but to me, FF gameplay is really tiresome… don’t get me wrong i loved turn based strategy, but it gets old after a while…

  • I’ll play it….but I’m not overly happy with FFXIII. Still looks great though as far as graphics and design.

  • EdEN

    Waiting for a CE since they wronged us with FF XIII proper.

  • I want to see gameplay. Not CGI *cry*

  • xDeFcoN_2FasT4Ux

    Well it looks kick ass and I will get it. Is it just for PS3 if so then that is awesome. And also I still say FF13 should have won best graphics for every award jawn out there.

    • Oly

      If I can get my self to restart and get through 13, I’ll have to pick this up.. If not.. then.. um maybe.. lol
      I hope it’s more open world vs linear like the first nine levels of 13.

  • Damn, the video is now unavailable…. 🙁

  • FF games have just been going downhill for me. Miss the old school RPGs

  • ahhh video is down

  • It’s been awhile since I’ve been truly impressed by SE.

    XIII was pretty good. But I expect absolute amazing from them. Maybe I’m asking for too much…