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Valve May Bring Other Titles to PS3 Steamworks |

In an interview with ARS Technica, Valve has given notice that they have interest in bringing other games over to the PS3 in the same form as Portal 2. I’m sure Portal 2’s sales will play a large role in this decision but at least the info is out there.

“We are hoping other titles will benefit from the Steamworks tools and services we’ve created for Portal 2 PS3, but we don’t have anything to announce today.”

The only question right now is if you link your PS3 version of portal to your steam account, will you be able to sell it or trade it in? Valve did not have an immediate answer for this.

  • Sell it or trade it in? What does that mean?

  • Luke:

    Sell it or trade it in? What does that mean?  


    If the game is required to be linked to a steam account to play it, then you may not be able to trade or sell your copy of Portal 2 should your purchase it.

  • Oh your saying to a store. I thought you meant on steam. Wasn’t aware of an option, that’s why I was lost. Yeah I think if you link it with STEAM that copy can’t be sold as the key has been activated.

  • Hopefully Portal sales well, wouldnt mind some more steam games on PS3