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It’s the Show About Games Show: LittleBigPlanet Sketch is Amazing |

This video from is a must see for LittleBigPlanet fans. Anyone who has played the game, or even just seen a commercial for it will love this. Very well done guys!!

Update: Added the youtube video so u don’t have to skip to the good stuff! 😎


  1. WOW…..that was funny 🙂 and very creative

    ….sizzle noise -_- lol

  2. ThugishRugishB0NE

    LOL the little big planet part ROCKED haha

    but I felt very uncomfortable watching the Kinect one… it was just depressing

  3. Lol that was amazing. They have serious talent

  4. They captured the spirit of LittleBigPlanet perfectly. My favorite parts is the sound when the “2nd Player” came into the stage and the pop-up menu was great too. Overall just awesome.

  5. All the sound effects are awesome.. sizzle.. pop-up… voices.. I hope they do more. Seen this one about 8 times today.. wife and friends all saw it and really enjoyed it too.

  6. wow that was amazing, loved the little sound effects. especially when he got burned on the flame.

  7. Wow ! A lot of work went into that !!!
    Good job !

  8. We should see if we can make a better one!! Who’s with me?

  9. wow haha :p

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