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It’s the Show About Games Show: LittleBigPlanet Sketch is Amazing |

This video from is a must see for LittleBigPlanet fans. Anyone who has played the game, or even just seen a commercial for it will love this. Very well done guys!!

Update: Added the youtube video so u don’t have to skip to the good stuff! 😎

  • WOW…..that was funny 🙂 and very creative

    ….sizzle noise -_- lol

  • ThugishRugishB0NE

    LOL the little big planet part ROCKED haha

    but I felt very uncomfortable watching the Kinect one… it was just depressing

  • Lol that was amazing. They have serious talent

  • They captured the spirit of LittleBigPlanet perfectly. My favorite parts is the sound when the “2nd Player” came into the stage and the pop-up menu was great too. Overall just awesome.

  • Oly

    All the sound effects are awesome.. sizzle.. pop-up… voices.. I hope they do more. Seen this one about 8 times today.. wife and friends all saw it and really enjoyed it too.

  • wow that was amazing, loved the little sound effects. especially when he got burned on the flame.

  • Wow ! A lot of work went into that !!!
    Good job !

  • Oly

    We should see if we can make a better one!! Who’s with me?

  • wow haha :p