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Alert! Incoming Helghast Attack on the PlayStation Home this Thursday! |

This Thursday, January 27th, the Helghast come knocking home… literally. Join the ISA in the Central Plaza to defend it from the ruthless Helghast assault. In doing so you will be given 3 Unlock Points, which can be redeemed for new weapons and abilities in the Killzone 3 multiplayer.

The Central Plaza Defender is a first-person shooter that pits you against wave after wave of Helghast forces. Fire at the approaching enemy forces, shooting down Helghast airships, ground vehicles, and infantry units or assist gunners by collecting and delivering ammunition, repair kits, and first aid. Complete challenges to be granted exclusive PlayStation Home rewards.

Hit the jump for a preview of the Central Plaza as well as the sweet looking Jet Pack Outfit and details on how you can get it:

Players will also be able to pre-order the game through an Amazon Kiosk placed in the Central Plaza, in doing so you will get the following items:

  • Limited edition Killzone 3 jetpack for your HOME avatar, not available anywhere else
  • Unlock and Load Pack, instant access to three Unlock Points to use on the weapon or ability of your choice in Killzone 3 multiplayer
  • Retro Map Pack, featuring two of the most popular maps from Killzone 2
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    • Oly

      This might just get me to log into home soon!! 😆

    • what is PS Home?!?!?!

      lol j/k…i’ll check it out.

      I may use a vacation day for Thursday anyways lol.

    • haha wonder if the hamsters will be there

    • Ace

      Are we allowed to off other home players 😀 hehe

    • I wonder when you can pre-order threw PS Home how quickly you get all 3 items.

    • Beastxjason

      Figures, I just uninstalled home do to it trying to sell me everything it can everytime I visited a space.
      Lol Hamesters. Funny

    • RoNce42

      Just beat the whole thing. the wave 2 challenge i think all you gotta do is finish with above 75% accuracy. a perfect round for wave 3 is full health and acc ovr 95%.

      the key is… Don’t let the environment RUSH YOU!! The only targets that can do immediate harm to you are the ones that show the circle around them so make those a priority when taking them out. The other targets no matter how many rounds they fire are not going to harm you unless indicated by the yellow/orange/red circle. So take your time and be patient yet still urgent.

    • Oly

      thanx for the advice.. finished wave 1 and then was too tired to try again lol.. will attempt again tomorrow