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Avatars Galore Hit PSN Tomorrow! |

Holy Avatars Batman! Sony just announced that a slew of avatars are going to be hitting the PSN tomorrow. Now there is no word on price but I have to admit these look pretty awesome. It would have been pretty cool if they added some other ones from Killzone or Demon’s Souls but this seems like a good start. For now the avatars are from the following games:”Tron: Evolution, Hoard, Grand Theft Auto IV, Red Dead Redemption, and Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood“.



  1. Beastxjason

    Give me the ability to use my own pic with the ps eye please. Thats alot of avatars none the less.

  2. damn look beating me to this. Ye some of them are looking good hopefully they will keep this up

  3. Would be nice if they were free

  4. xDeFcoN_2FasT4Ux

    Sweet and all but I want a Dante Avatar, they gave us Nero, but I want Dante!!!!!!

  5. From all those Papal Guards look the best.

    But Demon’s Soul avatars would be really awesome!

  6. I agree.. why can’t we make our own Avatars?

  7. Because people would probably do crazy things like draw p3n1s’s

  8. Luke: Because Oly would probably do crazy things like photo his junk  

    yea he would….

  9. sony has to distribute the avatars across a few different media — the friend system on the ps3, obviously, but also the messageboards — so they may want to have just one repository of a limited number of avatars. still, if it were at all feasible, I bet people would pay ($10? $20?) to make their own avatar, even if it then had to be vetted by someone for indecency, hate, etc.

  10. Have any of you actually paid for an avatar?

  11. EdEN: Have any of you actually paid for an avatar?

    lol, no! 🙂 I just appreciate the free ones that sony kicks us from time to time on ps+. anyway, I’m more interested in the dynamic themes. sony has taken a fair bit of cash from me for those.

  12. I have playstation plus which gives you free avatars, but I haven’t bought an individual avatar

  13. yep never bought one myself and never plan too

  14. I am a cheap bastard so I never bought any of the Avatars, I have to admit that I did buy a Dynamic Theme before though.

  15. they are $0.49 but have to add $5.00 in the ps3 store.

  16. John Marston avatar from RDR is pretty cool looking, didnt get any others thats the only one I wanted lol.

  17. Eddie L. Headley:
    yea he would….  

    Only to show it off to u 2 homosexuals

  18. I like the GTA chicks ^^

  19. You know, the eighth avatar to the right on the top row looks kinda like the Tower Knight from Demon’s Souls….

  20. You might be into something there!

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