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Need for Speed SHIFT 2 Limited Edition Trailer |

A couple days ago, EA released this trailer, which shows off some of the stuff that’s exclusive to the Limited Edition version of the title (which most were actually revealed last month). If you’ve seen past trailers, in comparison, this one is mostly gameplay, and damn does it look good. Keep in mind, the Limited Edition is only available through pre-order!

  • Oly

    Definitely looks good.. but can it grab our attention away from GT5??

  • pedro

    Oly: Definitely looks good.. but can it grab our attention away from GT5??  

    Does it offer anything different from GT5 I’d say?

  • Beastxjason

    No I dont think it can grab me away from GT5. I have barely scratched its surface and they keep adding stuff to it lol. Shift is more for the arcade fans imo.

    I can see the dlc for this already. Unlock all cars instead of playing the game for $9.99

  • hmmm, can’t help thinking this has been rushed just to distract some attention from GT5. only a year and a few month since Shift 1.

  • ThugishRugishB0NE

    I totally agree with Dean

    though I’m still going to be getting it since I’m a huge racing game fan, but I highly doubt it will top GT5 for me.

  • Jay

    The style of NFS Shift was very nice looking. IMO, it doesn’t need fixed more work than that. The only real downfall for me was the vinyl system, but compared to GT5, at least they have one where you can modify the vinyls themselves, but Forza still tops that.

    I love GT5, but I also loved the first Shift. GT5 is great, but far from perfect, and NFS adds some variety and personalization that GT5 still, to this day, lacks. Even if it is a year and a few months (technically, a year and a half or so) after the original’s release, that’s still quite a bit of time, and with the polish of the first one, hopefully it will result in a more polished sequel.

    With that said, Shift was a hell of a lot more realistic than past NFS titles. Though it still has it’s roots in arcade-style racing, I’d love to see the title go full-on simulation to force Polyphony to innovate rather than just add more cars and stuff. If I could, I would love to see a game where it takes the best parts of GT5, Forza and Shift and made a super simulation that allows for pretty much total customization and personalization of one’s experience

  • derrickgott007

    Shift2 is way way way more simulation racing then any other need for speed title… So much more sim in fact that’s why they are moving away from the Need for Speed name.

    Too many people bought Shift 1 thinking it was all arcade racing, and too many people bought it thinking it was all sim racing, so the developer is going more sim and losing the Need for speed moniker.

    Excited to see what it’s like