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PS3 Accessories: Up to 50%. 2 Days left |

They have Move accessories, controllers, controller cases, etc. These guys have a lot and it’s cheap while you can get it. Find the Sale here [NOTE: THESE ARE NOT OFFICIAL SONY CONTROLLERS]


  1. Just grabbed myself a dualshock. I needed an extra 1 and for $22 free shipping it was a steal.

    Thanks @FTP!

  2. Thanks for the heads-up, FTP! Like Luke, I just picked up another DS3. Hard to pass up at 22 USD!

  3. Just snagged a Blue DualShock 3 myself. My current one the rubber on one of the analog sticks is coming off a little. This was due to Metal Gear Online, lol. You have to rotate the analog sticks quickly to wake yourself up after being KO’ed.

    Guess it will take a while, lol.
    Orders using FREE SHIPPING will be shipped in 1-5 working days and arrive in an additional 15-30 days.

  4. [Update]: Just got mine and it is NOT an official Sony Controller just a FYI. I hate it honestly. It will just be a back up that other people can use. I never want to touch it again.

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