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PSN 11 for 2011 50% Off Game Sale |

The official Playstation Blog has announced that PSN is kicking off 2011 with an “11 for 11 Half Off Sale”, starting today and going until 1/31 in North America. Some decent games are listed in this running sale so be sure to pick a few up.

Costume Quest – $7.49 sale price; $14.99 regular price
Deathspank Thongs of Virtue – $7.49 sale price; $14.99 regular price
Hoard – $7.49 sale price; $14.99 regular price
Soldner-X2: Final Prototype – $6.49 sale price; $12.99 regular price
MotorStorm 3D Rift – $4.99 sale price; $9.99 regular price
Peggle – $4.99 sale price; $9.99 regular price
Space Invaders Infinity Gene – $4.99 sale price; $9.99 regular price
Swords and Soldiers – $4.99 sale price; $9.99 regular price
Tumble – $4.99 sale price; $9.99 regular price
Comet Crash – $4.99 sale price; $9.99 regular price
Shatter – $3.99 sale price; $7.99 regular price

  • Luke

    Pretty sweet, @Kane112 about to be rippin since he bought Hoard a week or 2 ago for full price. At least it’s not free @Kane112 😉

  • JohnGalt

    How’s Hoard? I’m thinking of picking up Swords & Soldiers and Costume Quest. Thoughts?

  • Beastxjason

    <-Slaps face I just bought Hoard last week! Id say that Hoard and Soldner X are must buys if you havent gotten them yet.

  • Sweet Space Invaders is only $5 now YAY

  • damn damn damn damn lol. told you guys this would happen to me. oh well still a good game hopefully a few of you guys will pick it up now.

  • Glad ive still got $15 in my psn account was wondering yesterday what to buy with it. Going to get Comet Crash for sure. Anyone recommend anything else? haha true Luke at least it wasnt free…

  • Shatter should be on everyones list if you don’t have playstation plus.

  • That is true, i love the game. i would say its one of the better games that we have gotten through Plus.

  • Beastxjason

    Comet crash will keep you busy. If you buy that dont bother buying anything else for awhile. Solid purchase there.

  • I’d get Savage Moon before Comet Crash (though the former isn’t on the list). I find it to be a way more fun sci-fi themed tower defense game.

  • Luke

    Yeah Shatter is great and it’s now only $4 WOW!

  • Oly

    Great prices..
    Deathspank is a must buy IMO.. is a great game…
    Swords and Soldiers is good as well, but didn’t hold my interest for too long…
    Gonna pick up Costume quest and Hoard…

  • pedro

    I wanted to try Costume Quest out.

    Has anyone played that yet?

  • EdEN

    Very good news indeed. I’ll be buying Tumble, Costume Quest, Space Invaders Infinity Gener and maybe Peggle. Still on the fence about Hoard.

    Buying on PSN when games go on sale reaaaaally let’s me stretch out how much I can buy on my budget hehehe.

  • pedro: I wanted to try Costume Quest out.Has anyone played that yet?

    No, but I’ve friends who played it on the 360 and found it to be a charming game. They encouraged me to get it at the time, but I figured sometime after Halloween, the game would be “out of season,” and would have to go on sale. Decent score of 77 on MC:

  • Sigh, why in **** do i buy these games when they first come out? Just about everyone of my games i have got eventualy becomes half price. Grrrrrrr!!

  • EdEN

    @premier: and since it’s not the “off season” time and it’s 50% you HAVE to buy it , right?

    @Trieloth: Should have learned by now. I’ve NEVER bought a PSN game for full price at launch. Always wait a couple of months until it goes on sale since I’ve got several retail games to take care of first as well as 40 PSN games already and waiting 4-6 months for purchase isn’t that bad. Might even start doing that for PSP games as well and go the “got a PSP 3010 but might as well think it’s a GO thanks to my 16 GB Memory Stick Pro Duo and get a discount on games”.

  • @Eden, your right! unless i really really want it Iam waiting, same goes for my psp games. Alot of them go half price fast.

  • Interesting…Sidhe just tweeted that Shatter would be $2.99 for this special….not $3.99.

  • disregard. the OST is $2.99, the game is still $3.99

  • Oly

    $2.99!!! wow

  • Oly

    oh.. 3.99 boo

  • haha oly getting excited too fast

  • @Oly just point whoring @Kane112

  • Deathspank is an incredible value for the price. A must buy for anyone who would like to play this loot-driven action rpg :o)

    I tried to buy Costume Quest, but the game is currently 14.99$ ? I do own a north-american account.

    Any ideas ?

  • Ceidz: I tried to buy Costume Quest, but the game is currently 14.99$ ? I do own a north-american account.Any ideas ?  

    I’d have assumed that the sale would start tomorrow, but I could be wrong. (Tues. is the NA PSN update day.)

  • premiersoupir:
    I’d have assumed that the sale would start tomorrow, but I could be wrong. (Tues. is the NA PSN update day.)  

    Fair enough. I’ll try again tomorrow ! Thanks for the heads up !