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Skyrim: Creating Better Combat |

Game Informer has just updated us with the newest news for TES: Skyrim. This particular piece discusses combat and the changes made from Oblivion such as better archery, stealth upgrades, no backing up while fighting enemies, etc! Many great changes have been made you can read about after the jump.

– Skyrim utitlises a ‘two hands’-weapons system, where you get to choose what you hold in each hand.
– You can now assign weapon combinations to hotkeys, allowing you to quickly switch from sword and shield to spells, for instance.
– Combat is a lot more skill-based: blocking effectively can overpower your enemy, leaving him vulnerable to attack.
– Finishing moves are used to convey the fact that you just actually killed someone/something, not hit him with a sword and knocked him out (like in Oblivion).
– Perks are very much Fallout-styled: from increasing critical hit ratio to protection from spells. They’re bound to certain skills, as well.
– No backpedaling during combat the way you could do in Oblivion
– Spell effects are inspired by Bioshock
– Fire spells do the most damage, Shock spells drain magicka and Frost spells drain stamina and slow your opponent down
– There are ‘ward’-spells that function similarly to blocking
– Bow and arrow is a lot more powerful
– Arrows are a lot less omnipresent, however: no more backpacks filled with Daedric arrows
– Daggers have been upgraded for stealth purposes, can now perform special stealth damage (backstabs, I reckon)
– When NPC’s see something (eg. you) moving in the shadows, they’ll become more restless and alert, but not immediately full-on aggro like in Oblivion.

  • This all sounds exciting. I wonder what they mean by Bioshock-inspired magic effects, though. Graphical effects? Why the shout-out to Bioshock, I wonder?

  • I’d imagine the FPS way of casting magic. The animations and such of doing so.

  • No backpedaling in combat? There goes my whole entire Oblivion combat strategy! 🙂

  • i liked everything except no back pedaling….thats something realistic and you’re telling me i cant back up if im about to die im supposed to let them beat me sensless??

    that needs to change back…seriously

    but everything else is fantastic

  • Oly

    This is going to be an Epic game!! For now Two Worlds II will have to do..

  • shadowcrazy…the back pedaling in Oblivion was silly lol.

  • pedro

    I really like Stealth and Bows, so I’m curious about what kind of improvements are underway.

    I’m also interested in that two hand combat thing, remembers me of Demon’s Soul.

  • Kratos

    I’d like to see a video of the “no backpedaling” thing in action. I have zero complaints about Oblivion so any changes whatsoever will be guilty until proven innocent.

  • um i literary could not defeat some enemies without backpedaling. They would rape me if i just stood there

  • I’m more interest ed in the 2 handed weapons; can you wield a weapon one handed and cast magic with the free hand? Some of the ‘promo’ shots I’ve seen look like that may be an option. That was always what I thought was so annoying with the previous Elder Scroll games, the lag between switching. Hopefully that gets removed!