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Sony’s January 27th Event “Playstation Meeting 2011” | has confirmed that the event held on 1/27 will be an official Playstation Meeting, the first since 7/25/2005 when Ken Kutaragi outline the plans of the PS3.

Many facets of the gaming industry have been invited to attend but have not been given any information on what the meeting pertains to. Rumors have stated that we can expect the unveiling of the PSP2 as well as a few surprises along the way.

This will take place on 1/27 at 1AM EST, roughly 3PM in Japan. It will definitely be live blogged by many websites.

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  1. Interesting, wonder what juicy details they will talk about behind closed doors. I’m sure PSP2 will be discussed, maybe even some very early PS4 discussion.

  2. PSP2 and PSP phone details. Yes. I’m really excited to see whether they will be seperate devices. Thats what im thinking

  3. Interesting should be some good things coming up in the event

  4. If you find any live blogs we could do a quicknews with links to them.

  5. Surprises like Sony totally panicking about the security breaches in the PS3.

  6. awesome.. hopefully they reveal something besides just the PSP2 😎

  7. Maybe some info on a future console???

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