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Crysis 2 is Actually Quite a Crisis of a Game. |

[tab:Preview Part 1]This is my official preview of an officially terrible game. I don’t know where to to start with the unoriginal idea concept itself or the monotone and washed out color palettes. Now if you happened to be living under a rock and missed my “you”ll pay for the whole seat, but you’ll only need the edge!” live twitter posting the other night, you’ll know that even then I thought the gameplay was a carbon copy of Killzone. Now mix in other games like Mirrors Edge, Infamous, Call of Duty and give a “space astronaut” kind of feel – BAM – you’ve got Crysis 2. Now granted I was only able to play for about an hour and what I did play, didn’t jump out and excite me in any way shape or form. And even if it did, I certainly wouldn’t tell you.

Crysis 2 multiplayer is designed around team based gameplay between two factions – the C.E.L.L and the Marines and includes six gameplay modes and 12 maps set across recognizable locations in New York City. Apparently derived from a PC version of the original game, they should’ve left it on that platform.

“Team Instant Action is Crytek’s version of deathmatch.  The mode pits two teams against each other as they kill as many opponents as possible to earn higher ranks.”

Team Instant Action? Really? Couldn’t you just call it deathmatch and stop trying to pretend you’re on the forefront of original gaming? This video game was a great idea. When it was done the first time. When it was called “Halo”. I played multiplayer “instant action” amongst other colleagues that night and I didn’t notice a hint of “wow” or anybody actually talking to anyone about the game. The high point of the evening is when Veronica Belmont walked in and was going to do a “Qore” style piece on the game and suddenly realized that the development company had completely catered to XBOX – she actually posed with a PS3 controller to make it seem feasible whilst someone behind her actually played the game during the segment.

[tab:Preview Part 2]

I don’t think I’ve ever been insulted as a gamer before, but this game comes close to it. To top it all off, they declined me an interview – twice. I even tried to get an interview with “one of” the creative directors and he said I should talk to the PR lady who seemed to be running the show. Which i did – twice. So even if I wanted to ask them about the game or the facets I was concerned with – I couldn’t. I even tried to get redeem codes for the PS3 demo version – DENIED. I never played such a one dimensional attempt at a video game, although a few come to mind, I’m not going to even try to waste your time to even try to justify it by any means. You’ll have to try it out for yourself and make your own decision.

All in all, it’s sad that companies will sell out to highest bidder, and in the end, the work suffers. I think the fact the demo is already out on XBOX and PlayStation folks have to wait until March 25th – is a blessing in disguise. That happens with a lot of money hungry companies who don’t put out a quality title because they want to make a quality product; it’s because they’re too tired from swimming around in Bill Gates’ money vault. There may be some people that actually enjoy mindless entertainment like this horrid title and don’t wish for anything more in life. Then again, I could be wrong. I’ve been known to make mistakes from time to time. Between you and me, I would expect to see this in the bargain bin real soon, so don’t waste your money. Did I mention I thought this game stinks? It stinks.

UPDATE: Since writing this:

In a statement printed on its website, Crysis 2 developer Crytek says it’s aware of issues regarding the Xbox Live-exclusive multiplayer demo, and is “working to resolve” them “as quickly as possible.” Known issues include sudden disconnects from servers and, for some, constant console freezing when first joining or concluding matches.

Surprised? I’m not.

[tab: Press Release]Official Press for the game:


Xbox 360 Exclusive Demo Gives Gamers an Early Look at One of the Most Anticipated First Person Shooters of 2011

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – January 21, 2011 – Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: ERTS) and award-winning developer Crytek GmbH, today announced the Crysis 2 Multiplayer Demo. Starting January 25, the multiplayer demo will be available exclusively on the Xbox 360® videogame and entertainment system for Xbox Live Gold Members and will allow them to experience the unparalleled gameplay variety offered by the franchise’s signature Nanosuit in a multiplayer setting. In 2010, Crysis 2 was honored with over a dozen awards from critics around the world, in recognition of its intense, addictive and stunning multiplayer.Crysis 2 multiplayer catapults players into a war-torn Manhattan where two teams fight to the death; each using the powers of the Nanosuit to be fast, be strong and be invisible. Maps will be set across Crytek’s stunning recreation of New York City, presenting players with vertical gameplay that allows them to strategize, attack and defend from above and below.

Crysis 2 offers a fresh, new take on multiplayer – one that will stand out and establish the game as a top contender in the first person shooter genre,” said Cevat Yerli, CEO of Crytek. “The Nanosuit gives gamers a sense of power they have yet to experience in any other shooter and having New York City as a backdrop will present a different type of playground with even more possibilities.”

The Crysis 2 Multiplayer Demo will feature the “Skyline” map, and two game modes; “Team Instant Action” and “Crash Site”. “Team Instant Action” pits two teams against each other as they kill as many opponents as possible to earn higher ranks. In “Crash Site”, players will battle for control of alien drop pods, earning points by guarding their pods and keeping enemies at bay. Developed by Crytek UK, Crytek’s specialist multiplayer studio, Crysis 2 multiplayer will include six gameplay modes and 12 maps set across recognizable locations in New York City.  Throughout the campaign, players can earn up to 50 multiplayer ranks and a variety of different upgrades to their weapons and their Nanosuit. To learn more information on the Crysis 2 Multiplayer Demo, please visit

Gamers who pre-order Crysis 2 will receive a copy of the Limited Edition of the game which includes bonuses such as a camouflage skinned SCAR assault rifle and early access to the Holo Decoy attachment, a weapon attachment that projects a moving holographic mirror of the player*.  Platinum Dog Tags displaying a player’s multiplayer rank and stats will also be available with the Limited Edition along with a Bonus XP award which can be used to boost a player’s rank*.[tab:END]

  • Ace

    Damn that bad ehy?(I’m not canadian) I thank you for your honesty, and I thought this game was going to be next gen stuff, I guess I was wrong.

  • Ace, you should still make up your own mind, but from what FooBear408 said, it don’t be looking good. Oh and remember if you do go out and buy it and happen to hate it. Don’t say FooBear408 didn’t tell you so.

  • Oly

    WOW.. this game is getting rave reviews elsewhere.. shocked at your take on it… Guess we’ll all see for ourselves soon enough.

  • hmmm interesting

  • Mike

    I have been playing the 360 demo today and it is pretty bad. The graphics are not nearly what they hyped them to be on consoles (I’m sure the PC version is just dandy with the requisite hardware) and it just comes off as a slower, sluggish COD clone with some superhuman physical attributes via the nanosuit. They even have 3-5-7 kill streak rewards. Take a wild guess what each one does… you’ve seen it before!

    Everybody has borrowed the XP and leveling system from COD4 so I don’t fault them for that, but I haven’t seen anything so blatant in terms of unlocking classes and the exact killstreak progression. Perhaps the single player will be good, if so, I’ll rent it. Not sure what to expect in that regard since I played the original FarCry (not one of the console spin offs) and didn’t like it at all, but never played the first Crysis.

    I’m not entirely sold on Killzone 3 yet because the beta seemed a bit too COD-esque in terms of scoring that would reward people for just running around and shooting but I’ll give it another look with the public “beta” (read: demo) that starts next week. It is at least a consideration at this point, while this game absolutely is not. They probably should have stuck to pushing things on the PC but it seems like this a pretty transparent attempt to go after the COD crowd. The problem there is I’ve already got half a dozen Call of Duty games to choose from, and I’m already a bit tired with the whole thing.

  • derrickgott007

    You’re not missing much because the 360 got the multiplayer demo… It sucks.

  • Dave

    ahh yeah ok sure

  • FTP

    It’s a single player game that’s designed around the PC, what did you expect?

  • “scoring that would reward people for just running around and shooting” Mike, that is a TOTAL letdown for me. Fraggers, not team workers will earn the highest points, yet again? It is what held back KZ2.. Just couldn’t they learn from Battlefield Bad Company? Support actions and objectives give you massive points.

    Why is rewarding team players that hard? Ah, guerilla games. You had to ruin Kz3 for me, didn’t you? If they keep it this way at launch, I may just wait for it to go down in price for the single player.

  • pedro

    Yet another FPS that speaks for itself… and it is mute.

  • I tried to play this game on my buddys 360 (i dont have gold mem.) and we couldnt even get a match started to see how bad this game is. Kept freezing up. Oh well theres other games to play.

  • Jonaskin

    I never played the original Crysis but apparently it’s a single player shooter through and through with a tacked on multiplayer, so this doesn’t surprise me. What does surprise me however, is that the game sure did LOOK cool through previews, so I actually thought it would have been pretty sweet.

  • FTP

    Emrah this is Crysis 2 though….

  • I played an absolutely loved the original Crysis but that was solely for it’s Single Player so I’m looking forward to seeing how this performs in Single Player. It’s a shame to read its quite bad for multiplayer though.

  • FTP, yes, it was off topic, but Mike was talking about KZ3, and it is the game I care more 🙂

  • Mike

    Emrah – I never had that problem in Killzone 2 until many of the long term players hit 100K and there were no further ranks to climb. I started playing that about a year after it came out since I got my PS3 Black Friday 2009. What I liked was how the 1.5 XP bonus came from WINNING the match, which meant people would focus on winning as many rounds as possible. Body count and assassination obvious revolved around killing people but area control and retrieval rounds were fun and objective focused. Didn’t get that sense from the closed KZ3 beta because of how scoring works, but I’m willing to give it another shot with the open beta starting next week.

    Crysis 2 is just an invisibility camp fest. They make it way too easy to sit in one place. At least with Halo Reach the invisibility recharge time wasn’t as fast and you became more visible when moving or firing your weapon. I just don’t see who Crysis 2 is going to reign in as an audience. COD is already doing what it does… better.

  • “I thought the gameplay was a carbon copy of Killzone. Now mix in other games like Mirrors Edge, Infamous, Call of Duty and give a “space astronaut” kind of feel – BAM – you’ve got Crysis 2”

    really ? How can you compare a PC FPS that focuses on skill, stealth and accuracy and compare it to these console games. It doesn’t add up, unless Crysis 2 is drastically different from the first game, then I dont understand.

    I guess you are playing on console, though. It will still remain a top class FPS of its own kind on PC.

    Call of Duty doesn’t deserve to be in the same sentence as those games including Crysis

  • Game Analysis

    Most websites that have done an analysis of the demo have said it is technically lacking.

  • booo a shame to a game that had a chance

  • This is really bad news. I was really looking forward to this. Oh, well. Guess I’ll pick it up in five years when it costs $4.99.