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David Milch Adapting ‘Heavy Rain’ for the Big Screen | is reporting that David Milch, “creator/exec producer of “NYPD Blue” and “Deadwood,” will be writing the screen adaptation of Heavy Rain “once he’s finished work on the first season of HBO’s horse-racing series “Luck.”

Producers, Bob Shaye and Michael Lynne, of Unique Features, along with Warner Bros., are “fast-tracking the project,” so expect to see it sooner then later. This is all great news for us fans of this great PlayStation exclusive game.


  1. Fascinating stuff! Here’s hoping that the actors in the film are Americans rather than French affecting bizarre Usonian accents.

    But y’know, as I think more about it, it occurs to me that the game is adapting filmic conventions — therein lies the game’s innovation, at least in part. How much sense does it make to work backwards and make the game a film? The film *could* be a pretty boring serial killer story among an overpopulated field, from Silence of the Lambs to Dexter to Wire in the Blood.

  2. hmm wonder if they will be able to go a good job with it

  3. I hope they use the actor they based the um.. fat detective on for this.. looks just like he did in the game

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