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MAG Statistics |

Developer Zipper has released some macro-level player statistics for MAG (Massive Action Game), which just celebrated its first anniversary. The stats are rather fun: Players have put in over 5200 years’ worth of time into playing the game; 100,000 people have put more than 100 hours each into the game; and nearly as many people have achieved “veteran status” or are qualified to do so (which means that they have hit the level cap). Also, Zipper has announced that they will post a new patch, v2.11, next month, which promises “new optimizations and refinements.” Let’s hope that they will have finally hammered out the last niggling freezing bugs in Domination and Acquisition. Read the entire list of Zipper’s posted stats below.

  • Since MAG was released on January 26, 2010, players have amassed nearly 2 billion kills and earned more than 38 billion experience points
  • That crazy kill and XP feat was accomplished in just over 46 million hours, equivalent to more than 5,200 years of game time
  • Of all our different modes, your favorite game type to play has been Sabotage, with Suppression coming in second place
  • All told, over 1.6 million matches have been played in MAG in first year – that’s an average of nearly 183 games per hour, every hour of every day!
  • Those big numbers were put up by some very dedicated players. We’ve seen more than 100,000 players put in more than 100 hours each, which we think is quite incredible
  • We’ve also seen more than 80,000 unique players achieve veteran status, with roughly 17,000 eligible to take the leap at this moment. That’s dedication!
  • I still think this game was completely overhyped and overblown.

  • FooBear408: I still think this game was completely overhyped and overblown.  

    Hey, you’re not alone; there’re plenty of MAG haters. And I can understand disliking its team-oriented aspects, for instance (for people who are the COD lone-wolf types). I love the game, though, particularly for its emphasis on team work — and just the breathtaking scale of the thing when one is engaged in 256-player battles. I’m one of the 100,000 in the above statistics! It’s by far and away the game that I’ve played most on my PS3.

  • Oh, I’m not hatin’ – I just think it didn’t do as good as they thought it was going to. Kudos to zipper though for the continual support of the game, you don’t see too much of that these days.

  • I was impressed with the game myself. I still enjoy playing even tho im more a lone wolf player helping out is always fun

  • pedro

    I’ve never played the game, but someday I might rent it just to try out the massive multiplayer.

  • Awesome stats! I have never tried that game but I think I will buy pretty soon!

  • Love the image name!