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Uncharted NGP/PSP2 Tech Demo Footage |

With the reveal the other night, a demo was shown of the Uncharted game being developed for the handheld. Though we got to mainly see a few low-res videos and a few camera shots, we didn’t get to see a very detailed representation of the game in action.

Luckily, Gamespot has the production video reveal available in 720P with the English translation dubbed into it. The demo seems to use most of the system’s control features quite well. I know what I gotta start saving up money for next…

You can also see a screenshot of the game here. It’s amazing how much detail there is for being a handheld.

  • That sniping part really wowed me. That is a great way to do it. I also like how the sniper in Killzone 2/3 you have to hold the controller steady to get a steady shot.

    I don’t think I’d be using the touchscreen on the front all to much in this game though. Cool though.

  • Jay

    Sniper part was cool. As for the front touchscreen, I like how you can pretty much draw a line on cliffsides and he’ll follow it. Would make doing that a lot faster I think

  • pedro

    I liked the sniper part too, I think it’s similar to the concept they’re developing for Ocarina Of Time remake on the 3DS.

    But I hope games don’t become too dependent on touch screen controls, it’s fun for a while but gets old and starts to p**s me off very quickly.

  • hmmm Uncharted cant wait to get hold of this

  • Oly

    Still not sure about the back touchscreen.. lol but this is gonna be awesome.. Gotta start a savings account for this one!

  • ollie

    fantastic demo not so great translator, sounds weird! lol

  • at E3…this will be in my hands…..and I may run out of the place with it…..

  • Can’t wait to get Uncharted!!

  • Touching the screen to shimmy across a cliff is pretty innovative. However, touching the screen to jump seems a bit bothersome. When playing video games, I don’t want anything obstructing my view, ever.

    It also makes me wonder if the actions that we can carry out by touching the screen makes the game easier. Kind of automates Nate’s actions…

    Regardless, the graphics look friggin’ sick. That’s a wicked piece of technology!

    lol @Eddie Try and grab a couple if you can hehe

  • Apparently the new system lets you run old PSP games via emulation. But it’s a bit lame you have to download all the games again, and pay for them twice.

  • Markus..that touching screen to jump is an optional control scheme…but I agree…I wouldn’t want to do that either. only have to pay for the ones you have on UMD twice. Just make it a point to buy all new ones on PSN.