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Watch the Entire Sony Event |

Sony has hosted the entire meeting from Wednesday/Thursday’s press unveiling of the NGP, the PlayStation Suite, etc. This first part is the standard industry “let’s talk about the past” introduction, with the reveal of PlayStation Suite. You can watch the other five parts (part 4 is currently unavailable, but I assume it will be up soon) by clicking the link below. Oh, and these have 1080P output if you want to watch it in full HD.

Part 4 available again. Videos are also put into a playlist in one window.

  • personally I think the videos from this site are better, because they have a real english voice over. instead of the weird robot women lol.

  • Jay

    lol, it’s a real woman doing the English translation in this one, she just doesn’t speak it like English speakers lol

  • still, she sounds weird. the overall translation is better aswell, not just translating each word. it explains the features much better

  • Oly

    Ahhh.. helro dis ees SONY.. we like u varry mulch

  • Beastxjason

    Wish they bring capcom on stage and announce monster hunter for ps3

  • pedro

    Well translation put aside, I really liked the way things look.

    But I really ain’t one of those people who buy games just because they look good. I want to see gameplay, and controls too!

  • Oly