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Hoard Review |

Hoard Review

Hoard what to say… it’s simple and addicting with some action and strategy thrown in. You control a dragon and get to burn villages, steal gold, and kidnap princesses. How can it not be fun controlling a dragon and being the bad guy. And right now until 1/31 it’s on sale for $7.49 which is a steal for this wee gem.


The graphics are done well with some really nice detail going into the pieces on screen. The game is set to look like a board game with overhead camera and a wooden boarder around the playing area. The stage starts with the map falling down in tiles and sets up quite nicely. Every on the map is very detailed starting from the archers being able to make out the bow and arrows, to the individual houses in the villages. Though a drawback is that things are a bit small if you are not sitting close to your TV it can be hard to make some things out.


The audio is not the best in the game. Some are done well like the burning noises, the princesses’ talking, or the flapping of the wings but at times the music feels out of place. Not that its bad or anything I just don’t believe it fits in very well with overall feel of the game. This is a shame really because music in the game can play a very big part when done right.


The game is basically a dual analog game but is completely different from you Dead Nation or Super Stardust. For one thing it’s a dragon you’re controlling and that’s just awesome. You decide upon 4 different upgrades as well as each time you level up, which are speed, fire, how much gold you can carry and health. Depending on how you prefer to play there is a lot of different choices on what kind of dragon you create. This along with what you decide to destroy is where the strategy comes into place. You can burn down all the towns but if you let them grow they will send out more wagons with more gold in them. But you let them do this they will also make more archers to kill you. Same with the castles the bigger they get the more a princess is worth to kidnap but the more knights that will be made.

There are 4 different games to choice from on single-player:

  • Treasure, where you try to collect as much gold as you can in 10 minutes.
  • Princess Rush where you play against the computer to see who can ransom 15 princesses first.
  • Hoard where you try to survive as long as possible.
  • Co-op where you work with the computer to gather as much gold as possible.
  • With there being different game play options and a decent amount of different maps the game will certainly keep you busy for awhile.


    You can play both online and offline multiplayer, unfortunately anytime I try to find a game it’s never able to do so. I have had a game with a couple of friends and of course I kicked their arses, it was really fun. You can play either treasure, princess rush, or co-op online with the same rules as single player. I do hope more people will get this game as there is much promise in the multiplayer.


    Hoard is a game with much promise and is an amazing deal at $7.49 right now. It is a very easy game to pick up and have a wee game now and again. With upgrades to the dragon different strategies to try out, it will keep you entertained for awhile. Or grab some friends and give multiplayer a try you are sure to have some flaming fun. With a very fun single player and multiplayer it is a good game to have on your shelve … well HDD in this case. Even though there are a few maps I do hope that they will bring out a map pack to keep the game alive.


    Simply and addicting
    Detailed graphics
    Nice choice of maps
    No one on multiplayer

This review is based on a retail copy of the PS3 version of Hoard provided by Big Sandwich Games Inc.

  • nice review — thanks @Kane112! I just bought this game yesterday on that sale — had friends over for dinner and thought we might try the game out, but we never got around to it. it sounds from your review that the local match is going to be about the only way to go for multiplayer. anyway, I look forward to checking it out.

    is there a co-op multiplayer option? (your review just mentions ai partners.) what’s your favorite game mode?

  • ye you can play co-op up to 4 players. Shame about the multiplayer but with the sale hopefully get more players on the game

  • hobbes

    good review i may get this while its on sale

  • Oly

    Good review kane.. thanx for not listing me by name as one of those whose “arse u kicked” lol

    Loving the game .. also u guys feel free to add me oly1kenobi and we’ll play a few rounds.

  • Game is fun

  • dont know hard to say my favorite mode just depends on my mood really.

    haha was going to list your name but forgot. ye lets a game night on the go

  • pedro

    Sounds fun!

    I like the fact you play as a true gold loving dragon and not simply a mass destruction machine!

  • Oh my gosh… it looks awesome!! I would love to try it!

  • Oly

    Ok, game night for sure.. up to 4 people can play at the same time.
    Who besides Kane112 can play Pac time about 9pm?

  • yep up to 4 players if we get more than that see about doing some kind of tournament