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I’m Victim of Dead Space 2’s Game Breaking Battery Glitch |

***Warning, before reading, this situation could detail some very minor spoilers. Nothing story driven, just a specific scenario late in Chapter 6.***

I wasn’t the biggest fan of Dead Space 1, but I understood its appeal and respected it enough to give the predecessor a go. Much to my surprise I was having more fun with this sequel than I did with the original. However my fun turns to disappointment after reaching a certain point in Chapter 6.

There is a certain area in a zero gravity room that the entrance you need to take is cast in uncontrollable flames. There are 3 oxygen machines pumping out air that are keeping the flame alive. Your job is to remove the battery cores from the machines so that the oxygen is depleted and the flames extinguished only upon my arrival, all 3 battery cores were already missing.

I wasn’t exactly sure what needed to be done here and I thought nothing of it. This was a fairly large room and I figured I just needed to explore some more. Upon exploring I found some items such as a precious power core so I went back to the previous save point right outside of the door and saved my game. This was my mistake. Saving the game saved the glitch. No battery cores will pop up for me to remove from the oxygen machines which means I can’t put out the flames. The only way around this is to start the game over completely.

To their defense…its my fault for only having one game save. As an RPG fan I understand the added benefit of saving multiple times in multiple places, but for linear shooters, I’ve never seen the purpose of doing that…well that is until now.

  • ahhh that sucks

  • and no…I don’t believe I will be starting this game over. My opinion of the first game plus the added bad taste left in my mouth from this game, I think I am officially done with Dead Space.

    Keep in mind I’m not saying its a bad game or they are bad developers. Quite the contrary really, but my personal experiences have driven me away from the series.

  • I did find other complaints about this on the official Dead Space forums.

    However I don’t see any dev intervention on the matter. The game seems to be laden with bugs on all versions.

  • pedro

    That really sucks.

    Is it random or does it happen for reason? Have you seen any comments on that?

    I really looking forward to it as soon as I get my copy!

  • Its random in any spot in the game where batteries would be used. The reason this particular area is a problem is because there is a save spot so close by.

  • ye doubt i would have started the game over. Never did like the first one either

  • Luke

    That sucks Eddie. Anyway for someone else to send you their save game file at the beginning of chapter 6 so you don’t have to restart from scratch?

  • they are probably protected and I surely wouldn’t get trophies.

  • EdEN

    Wait, doesn’t Dead Space Autosave? Is the last autosave not far back enough to run over this glitch? I always saved at the beginning of each Chacter un Dead Space 1 just to avoid such a case.

    Sucks when you get a game breaking glitch like this…

  • No it doesn’t autosave. Its all manual and I made the mistake of not using multiple save spots so I saved over my previous save file.

  • Beastxjason

    Ha j/k I wonder if their quality assurance department is hiring.. What do people expect for $65 lol I hate this kind of thing.

  • Just for my curiosity, how much time did you play before the glitch happened ?

  • 4-5 hours at this part. Apparently it can happen at any point of the game where batteries appear.

  • Interesting. I didn’t have that glitch at all, nor any other bugs on my first play through. I’ll keep my eyes open while I do my second. Sorry to hear that. And reading you’re dislike for the game I will be sure not to suggest a Dead space game night XD. Maybe you should reload it, but as it loads, say 3 “Altman be praised” and 2 “Convergence is coming.”

  • Clint…its not so much dislike as it is just not my type of game. I’m not huge with outerspace scenarios.

  • eep… that sucks. sorry, man! 🙁

  • /comfort

    Multiple systems. Classics @ 20$. Quality new releases regularly. Plus a real life that isn’t neglected…

    I don’t think many gamers are willing to double back all that often to start a game over. Programmers need to keep this in mind!

  • Oly

    bah lame way to spend a weekend

  • EdEN

    Well, hope for a patch soon. I’ll skip starting DS2 until this problem is solved.

  • Eden…don’t pass up if your interested. Just be sure to not save after you entered a room and before you fully searched it. If the glitch happens…just load the last save point.

  • Jay

    Would they maybe show up sooner or later after you reload the game a few times, or, say, maybe deleting any install data and re-installing it if there is any?

  • sam

    it is NOT your fault at all, dont feel that way. its the devs and QA’s fault. that should never happen in a game and when it does the fault lays solely on them. period.

  • Jay re-installing won’t do it. This is a problem on the 360 version as well and it doesn’t have an install. Once you save the glitch…its there for good.

  • Anthony C.

    This issue happened to me last night and I literally spent a couple hours trying to figure out what I was missing or doing wrong. Before bed, I came (pause) to the conclusion that I would have to start my game again and I deleted my save file… So this weekend it’s back the drawing board for me!

  • got to this point and didn’t have any trouble with it all, sorry to hear it affected you.

  • James

    Ive had this problem on my second playthrough, problem for me is, I overwrote my “cleared” save, so I cant start again on New Game+ 🙁
    Ill lose all my weapons and armour and everything if i start again 🙁
    huge disappointment. I cant bear to play it again now.

  • Nick

    Just so everyone knows, the same type of thing happened to me in Chapter 12. I was in the big room with the drill where you have to do a few tasks to get it started with Ellie. I went over to the stand that holds the battery you need to start the drill (no spoiler here, it’s in plain sight), I opened it, then decided that I would go back to the previous room to the store and save my game. I shut the PS3 off and started again the next day. No my amazement, the battery that should have been sitting in the stand was gone. With no way to fully start the drill, I had to start the game over again =[. It’s not that bad though, I really enjoy the game so I don’t mind playing through again. I was (and am currently) playing on the second hardest level so I was about 15 hours in. Oh well.