Dungeon Siege 3 Needs the Selfless Buddy

Dungeon Siege 3 is set to hit Next Gen consoles this coming March. The MMO hub style system has Hack and slash fans drooling at the thought of a 4 player co-op experience. Here comes the nail in your coffin, according to Gamespot’s preview, players joining you in co-op will serve as “assistants” to the host, making no progress in their own games. No character creation, no exp, just a fill in so to speak. Sounds awesome right? Nope. Somebody seriously dropped the ball on this one. With Square Enix and the team behind Alpha Protocol making the game, I expected more.

Written by: Jason - News Contributor

  1. #1 by premiersoupir on January 31st, 2011 [ 17020 Points ]

    “With Square Enix and the team behind Alpha Protocol making the game, I expected more.”

    But didn’t Alpha Protocol fail miserably? I was looking forward to the game, since Obsidian developed it, but I didn’t touch the title once I read the reviews that started rolling in. 65/100 on Metacritic, for a start: http://www.metacritic.com/game/playstation-3/alpha-protocol . IGN gave it a miserable 6.3/10: http://ps3.ign.com/articles/109/1094204p1.html

    This article cracked me up: http://ps3.ign.com/articles/110/1104001p1.html The dev bemons the fact that “with Metacritic…you have to be in the high 70s to mid-80s minimum” to be considered a success. Well no kidding. How about we start by setting the bar higher than the 60s, anyway!

  2. #2 by Beastxjason on February 1st, 2011 [ 28406 Points ]

    Protocl had potential. The co-op on this has fail written all over it. It is like playing diablo 2 and you can only be somebody’s merc. 🙁 Sad news.

  3. #3 by pedro on February 1st, 2011 [ 39949 Points ]

    Yeah, that really sucks if you’d ask me.

    Why couldn’t they make you level and customize all the different characters and when somebody fill’s in they just play as one of them… That made no sense to me at all.

  4. #4 by xDeFcoN_2FasT4Ux on February 1st, 2011 [ 2160 Points ]

    ehhh really though

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