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Beat Journey In 3 Hours |

Thesixthaxis is reporting that gamers will be able to complete the single player portion of thatgamestudio’s Journey in roughly 3 hours. Other critically acclaimed titles for the studio, i.e Flower, were also on the short side but made up for it in replay value. Journey will also include multiplayer which will increase the title’s longevity. Look for it to release sometime this year.

  • only 3 hours thats quite short like hopefully it will have good replay value then

  • Or very very cheap

  • I dont really think it’s about the length. Flower was short but it’s one of the best PSN games and one amazing experience. Can’t wait for this …

  • Flower was only 3-4 hours. Most 60 dollar games struggle to hit 8-10 hours lol.

  • Beastxjason

    If it grabs you like flower Im fine with it. Flower truly is amazing in what it conveys

  • Oly

    Multiplayer might make it worth more than the price, which because it’s a PSN title probably won’t be more than $19 ?? Just hope they have a demo..

  • hooray thatgamecompany! I’ll buy it regardless — I want to support these cats. and anyway, the thrust of this game is supposed to be multiplayer, so I wouldn’t stress too much about a short singleplayer experience.