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Killzone 3 Open Beta Game Morning [Update] |

I’ll be playing the KZ3 Open Beta before work tomorrow morning from 7:15 am MST – 8:50 am MST. My PSN ID is xBerserker, but say you’re from and mention KZ3 Beta in your friend request. I might be able to jump online tonight for a bit as well. [Update: I’ll be on starting at 7:15 am MST]

  • nice hopefully catch you on for a game

  • I played it quite a bit last night. Had a great time. I’m at work now or i would jump on and play this morning as well lol.

  • Jumped on right as they took the server down to fix some issues …. at least I got 1 1/2 games in.

  • I played for a while yesterday afternoon, but I was plagued with network errors — as was my friend, with whom I’d grouped up. Left a bad taste in my mouth, but I recognize that the beta is only available to work out such server issues and to stress test their systems.

  • I believe they took the servers down yesterday afternoon. Everyone was kicked off.

  • Oly

    Ya I couldn’t get in last night.. gonna try again tonight .. excited to try the move

    • You can try the move in a bot game, you don’t need to be online for that.