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Dark Souls Q and A |

Sid Shuman, the Senior Social Media Specialist at SCEA, sat down with the director of Dark Souls, Hidetaka Miyazaki, to ask a few questions about the game:

Sid Shuman: Would you describe Dark Souls as a sequel to Demon’s Souls, or a spiritual successor? Does Dark Souls reside in the same universe as Demon’s Souls?

Hidetaka Miyazaki, director, Dark Souls: Dark Souls is not a sequel to Demon’s Souls by any means. However, it’s created by the same producers and director and so the ideologies, concepts, and themes have carried over and are similar. It’s a totally new game with similar concepts.

SS: Demon’s Souls is infamous for its difficulty. Will Dark Souls be as difficult?

HM: Yes, Demon’s Souls was known for its incredible difficulty [laughter]. With Dark Souls, there is no intention to decrease the difficulty at all. Actually, we intend to increase the difficulty of the game. (Sid: !!!) But not simply by making the game more difficult, but by giving players the freedom to strategize freely and conquer that difficulty, and to be rewarded accordingly.

This is an analogy we often use: We are trying to create a game that is spicy. And we want to make it as spicy as possible. But it’s edible and tastes good and leaves you wanting more.

SS: How do you keep a difficult game from becoming punishing, and drive the player to quit in frustration?

HM: Good question. We can’t tell you all of our secrets, but there are a few ways we prevent users from drifting away. Number one, the difficulty is not dependent on the skill level of the user. We have not created a game where players who react faster or press buttons faster are better than others. Second, when a player dies, we try to leave a sense of “maybe if I try a different strategy I can succeed.” Things that you lose in death can be outweighed by what you gain by trying again. We try to give players lots of freedom to design their own game play style, and we’ve implemented enough content to enable users to continue challenging themselves and continue making progress.

This is promising in my eyes. Being a huge fan of Demons Souls, this is sounding like a day one purchase. Let’s hope the multi platform doesn’t take away from any of the polish the first title held.

You can read the entire interview here

  • hobbes

    would be nice if they’d simply release an expansion to the original.

  • pedro

    I like what I hear. Demon’s Souls was an exceptional game and it truly was a game where you could try dozens of different play styles and it would actually be a different game.

    I really hope this game continues with that concept (like they’re saying).

    But I couldn’t disagree more when they say Dark Souls is a completely different game, really, if I had never played Demon’s Souls and had only watched a trailer I would say they both the same game (not that it’s a bad thing, it’s good actually).