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Killzone 3 Can Be Completed in 4.5 Hours (Update from Killzonedotcom’s Twitter Page) |

Let me start by saying I don’t want something as simple as completion time to sway your decision from purchasing a game with rock solid multiplayer. There are people, however, who would like to know that Killzone 3’s Single player can be beaten in 4.5 hrs.

With the review embargo being lifted as of yesterday, many reviews have been posted. I, personally, think has hit the nail on the head with a solid 9.4. Reviewers have posted some of their times, have a look:

[spoiler intro=”Spoiler Alert” title=”Shows Level Titles”]
A New Beginning – 6:44
Evacuation Orders – 21:23
Pyrrhus Evac – 33:18
Six Months On – 36:39
Icy Incursion – 50:59
Stahl Arms Infiltration – 29:03
Scrapyard Shortcut – 34:43
The Reckoning – 33:17
Interception – 27:18

That’s 4hrs and 33 minutes and for you math nerds 40 seconds. This is not what I expected. Don’t forget that there’s also 70 minutes of cut scenes in the Killzone title. 5hrs 40 minutes if you don’t want to do the math. Do these times warrant a rental over a purchase? Does this change your mind in any way?

Few Screens to confirm the times:

Update!!!!: From the Killzonedotcom’s official twitter page,

  • does it change my mind ? god no, I would much rather have 5hrs 40 minutes of great gameplay, epic set pieces and great cut scenes than 10 hours of meh. and there’s no doubt that the multiplayer is a huge part of Killzone3 which will add alot

    the game is also heavily polished and it looks amazing. its 5 hours of triple A quality gameplay.

    also these are the best times on each level, im sure most people wont be this quick especially playing on harder levels, after all, elite difficulty on KZ2 is very hard.

  • Lefunkay

    Wow, im sorta amazed by that, i spent alot longer on Killzone 2, and lately i’ve been put off by the short campaigns in games like Black Ops and MoH, sadly, none of those games delivered what i had hoped for in their multiplayer, Killzone 2 on the other hand kept me playing for months, so reading the reviews im hoping for the same multiplayer enjoyment ๐Ÿ™‚

  • “That ‘4.5 hours’ number is a misunderstanding of the ‘best time’ stat; normal playthrough time (including deaths) is 8-11 hours.”

    per killzonedotcom’s twitter.

  • Ace

    Thank god, I was about to say killzone isn’t a crappy cod single player.

  • lol 4.5 is probably someone running straight through firing from the hip

  • Beastxjason

    I like Deans “God No” lol Solid point on 5hrs of epicness

  • 8-10 I can live with. If it were 4.5… why bother to have SP?

  • pedro

    I think that’s acceptable. I mean, that’s the best time you can do, but to the average gamer it would take about double the time.

    And also the fact Killzone 3 will be mostly directed to multiplayer right?

  • xDeFcoN_2FasT4Ux

    This really doesn’t change my mind about the purchase. I have very few PS3 exclusive tittles, And I never bought the second one, but i did rent it cause back then my paretns would only buy me 2 games a year, now i have gotten out of hand and buy maybe 4 every year, still very little lol. But I remember I play the 2nd one on Hard and it took me 10 hours to complete, which i found to be completly normal and enjoyable, yet close to the end it got a little boring due its length and repetative mood set of enviornments, but still awesome overall.
    Hearing this news about the game be short does somewhat upset me because when It comes down to a game that I personally think has a great story going in the franchise, i want it to be long and time comsuming. Also this time it took them to finish the game could have been on the easiest difficulty, so whatever. Yet it has so much potential for the online, and that makes me want to get it as well.
    And now and days I think Game Trailers is teh most ligit reviewer out there along with Gameinformer and G4. Others are all biased and just go with whatever they are payed to say.

    I will be definitly be picking this game up opening day.

    and i agree 100% with Dean.

  • Beastxjason

    Eddie it took me 4hrs and 32 minutes to complete on normal. So their comment was what I expected. They lied ๐Ÿ™‚