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DC Universe Users Get an Amazing Offer |

Here’s a deal you simply cant miss. DC Universe has had a great start, and the subscription fees are, surprisingly, being paid. The game has been so successful, that the senior producer of SOE had this to say on the Official Blog:

In appreciation of you pioneers, we are going to be offering the chance to lock in an extraordinary promotional rate of only $29.99 for the 3-month DC Universe Online Legend Plan. That’s over 25% OFF the regular 3-month subscription plan price of $41.99! You’ll even be able to keep that rate for as long as you are actively subscribed and watch the savings pile up! You really won’t want to miss out on this great opportunity! The new rate will be available on February 8th so look out for it!

The kicker there is, as long as you stay up to date on your payments, this offer will last. That’s an insane offer for anybody who plays DCU!

  • xDeFcoN_2FasT4Ux

    yo this is bangin i really wanna pick up the game so badly though still.

  • dave

    yeah this game is no MMO, not a real one anyway its more of a action game and you love action go for it, and its only has two worlds Metropolis and Gotham City you call that DC Universe yeah right, but at least it went down to 29.99 and not 49.99 a month cause 49.99 is not worth it, I dont know if 29.99 is worth it, more like 5.99 a month. If you liked Everquest and Lord of the Ring MMOs lol you will know this is not a MMO after playing it, its very very disappointing and if you call this a MMO lol and then you dont know a MMO is, I played this for 3 months before it came out.

  • pedro

    It’s indeed a great bargain, but as far a MMOs go I still think it’s outrageous to pay $10 a month + the actual game just to play it.

    And that goes for all MMOs that are not free.

    Once upon a time there were great online games to play for free like Diablo II and even Ultima Online, what happened to those days?

  • Beastxjason

    I just sold my Diablo 2 accounts for $250. Its still very alive but filled with so much spam I had to let go after 10yrs of playing.

    I can see paying a fee if everyday you logged on their was huge events going on. If they ever release monster hunter for ps3 with a fee id have to play it I think.

  • EdEN

    I’m considering getting the CE of DC Universe Online and playing for at least 6 months. That would run me $160 total plus tax and if it’s a fun ride then it will be a fair price. Need to make up my mind soon!

  • Captiosus

    Still not sure this would make me want to bite. I’ve got some friends who are playing it on both platforms and they all agree the game becomes stale, fast. The story I’ve gotten from all of them is similar: You can reach max cap in a matter of days and then there’s little to do short of creating a new character. From the way it’s been described, although they’ve all praised the gameplay and customization, it’s barely worth the original retail price right now.

  • dave

    its a great action game but if your thanking its a MMO dont get it, I mean its ok,but I went in thanking it was a MMO like lords of the rings I love that game, but just thank lol its not a MMO thats all I can say.

  • Macdory

    Sounds more like people are abandoning the game after the 30 day period, so they are trying to get a few more to stay …

    Probably free to play with micro-transactions within 12 months …

  • MMORPG stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role Play Game. Imo it does meet the criteria to be considered a MMO. It’s just that the “role playing” takes place in DCU as opposed to Britannia/Azeroth/etc. So it’s not what we are accustomed to seeing.

    The game appears to be very casual. Reaching max level doesn’t take much time, especially for the hardcore gamer and there isn’t that much end game content available. Hopefully, they keep working on the game and pumping out the content. That’s what makes a MMO successful imo.

  • glad to see a price drop for a bit but dont think ill ever pay a monthly fee after paying $60 for the game