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InFAMOUS 2 Gameplay Footage From PlayStation Experience |

Here’s a bit of video footage of InFAMOUS 2 shown at Sony’s PlayStation Experience held this week in London, courtesy of French gaming site Gameblog. Some of what’s shown in the vid is a mix of previously revealed gameplay and new scenes, including a mission in which Cole can be seen powering a trolley rigged with explosives and then ramming it through the gates of a well guarded compound.


  1. Foobear408

    There’s also better footage of infamous2 in the commercial for the Sony sound bar (which I have and bought for 179$ usd) available for download from the Playstation store.

  2. Very nice — glad to see more footage. Wish the editors had quit cutting between gameplay scenes, intercutting cutscenes, etc. I’d like to have just watched the dude play the game.

  3. Beastxjason

    Lord this looks so polished already!

  4. Nothing really new in this video except for the train ride.

  5. what is the release date for this game?

  6. Eddie:

    what is the release date for this game?  


    I’m guessing this Summer. We’ve got LBP2,KZ3, MotorStorm, and Socom releasing from Jan-April. May-August seems barren where PS3 exclusives are concerned.

  7. Seems more varied than the first one right?

  8. Looks like a fun sequel.

  9. looks great still need to get my hands on the first one and finish it

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