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Namco Announces Inversion For 2012 |

Namco’s zero gravity third person shooter, Inversion, was first revealed back in 2009 but somehow I can’t recall ever hearing of it. A demo of Inversion was shown last year during Gamescom. The company had previously planned to release the game sometime in 2010 but it was delayed for more polishing. This week Namco released a teaser trailer for the shooter which dates the game for a February 7th 2012 release for the PS3 and 360.



Not much is known about Inversion but in the above images you can see that the game will feature a cover system similar to Uncharted and Gears of War.  Players will also have the ability to run along walls as well.

Source: The MaigicBox

  • Beastxjason

    Interesting. We have learned from Quantum Theory that the gears cover system isn’t always a good thing lol Graphics looked pretty polished

  • pedro

    At a first glance I thought it was Infamous hehehe

    It looks good and I do like zero gravity, but it usually plays very badly.

    I’m curious.

  • interesting hopefully the delay will polish what some other games couldnt do for zero gravitu