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Slaughtering the Helgast with Move |

Having downloaded and installed the Killzone 3 beta I was happy to see the familiar Move screen load up. With my PS Eye set to its little blue dot I began to strap up with my navigator and Move. The learning curve began immediately.

Dual analogs may seem awkward to somebody who doesn’t play First Person Shooters, the way you move with Move has that same first time awkwardness. Rather then having the whole screen move you are introduced to the Move’s constant gun movement. The gun bobbing all around precise to where your pointing is a site to see. I immediately adjusted the sensitivity to 60% so when my aim hit the side of the screen I would turn much faster then the default setting. By default the left to right is like barely pushing right on the Dual shocks right analog, much to slow for my liking.

The benefit of Move is seen from the moment you encounter your first enemy. The cross hairs snap to the enemy along with a red box outline showing you that you are locked onto the enemy. The draw back to leaving the default snap to on is your zoom is controlled by the game. For those who want full control with no assist I suggest turning snap to off. Here’s a video showing what it looks like to play using the Move.

Having a solid 4+ hours using Move I can say that its a must try but wont be for everybody. What makes Killzone such a great title is it requires skill to aim and adjust the recoil of the various weapon types. The Move makes these adjustments almost non existent. That’s what is great about Killzone though, the Move is an option and not a necessity. I love the feel and cant wait to try it with the Sharpshooter attachment.

  • I find the camera lock unjust. It should only be available to nearby enemies with lateral motion. Currently, you can lock to far away enemies you normally would have very hard time seeing, and once you do, you keep the lock behind cover or wall.

  • Sylvrfonic

    I found the camera lock very natural. I considered like concentrating on one enemy with all the perils that implies. Relying on the lock too much has the effect of tunnel vision which can get you killed rather quickly.

  • Beastxjason

    That’s a solid point. Were so accustomed to fast twitch shooters that natural seems awkward. Now that you stated that I totally agree with you. Now the argument could be is natural fast enough to stay on top of the board πŸ˜›

  • But detecting far away enemies with only a few pixels visible is not natural, IMHO πŸ™‚

  • Oh, and the rectangle somewhat destroys the immersion.

  • EdEN

    I’ve been playing FPSs like this for years on the Wii. Love how Red Steel 2 and The Conduit let you customize controls until they’re just right, moving the shooting box, aiming speed, look speed, etc.

    I’ve had a hard time playing FPSs games with dual analog because it feels unnnatural and weird to always be aiming at the exact center of the screen…

  • did anyone else have trouble setting the “deadzone” options? it doesn’t seem to do anything at all… even at 70% I still have to move my cursor to the border of the screen to turn.

  • Beastxjason

    Deadzone – 0,0
    Crosshairs – 70%
    Try that out πŸ™‚

  • Kratos


  • xDeFcoN_2FasT4Ux

    I had a hard time playing it with move couldnt control it at all and using the dualshock 3 as my navigator its harder. need to get the navi

  • Luke

    I just tried it again and I am not sure if I should have.

  • Sylvrfonic

    @ Emrah

    I agree about the cursor destroying emersion. It’s cool that you can turn it off. *^_^*

  • I tried with assists/locks on.. but I prefer playing without any of them, it’s even smoother without.

    And the assists won’t be available in multiplayer =)

  • pedro

    Gibb: I tried with assists/locks on.. but I prefer playing without any of them, it’s even smoother without.And the assists won’t be available in multiplayer =)  

    That makes more sense, I was finding it really strange.

    Emrah: Oh, and the rectangle somewhat destroys the immersion.  

    I also agree with that.

    The other thing i didn’t get is what are all those small white squares with numbers? Are those your allies?

  • xDeFcoN_2FasT4Ux

    okay you know what ima just buy the navi and well i saw a tutorial on youtube, and the best way to set up the controls and sesitivity so yea

  • wish i had the navi to give this a go need to see about buying one