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LG Attempting to Ban PS3 Sales in the US? |

According to IGN, back in December, Sony went after LG for some apparent patent infringements on some of their mobile devices. LG has responded by claiming Sony infringed upon 8 of their patents; 4 for HDTVs and 4 for Blu-Ray devices (including the PS3).

“Official documents reveal that the infringements centre around “the reproduction of data recorded on Blu-ray Disc media.” “



  1. Everyone just back away slowly, no sudden movements.

  2. xDeFcoN_2FasT4Ux

    BS by LG how much you wanna bet.

  3. sony is suing them for 7 infringments. LG is trying to sue Sony for 5. Its all completely frivalous and nothing will happen.

  4. deadlysin687

    They would lose millions if not trillions by doing that, it won’t happen

  5. Beastxjason

    lol I didnt see anything

  6. haha if anyone asks i deny everything

  7. What’s in it for them?

    Doesn’t seem like a very grounded accusation.

  8. Don’t believe there is a question about them trying to block. They are in FACT going to the trade commission and want the PS3 blocked from selling in the USA.

  9. Eddie: sony is suing themfor 7 infringments.LG is trying to sue Sony for 5.Its all completely frivalous and nothing will happen.  

    I read on that LG is saying that the PS3 violates 2 patents.

  10. It’s unbelievable… how possible??

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