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Blimp: The Flying Adventures Permanent Price Drop + Giveaway! |

Grips Games have just let me know that Blimp: The Flying Adventures will have a permanent price drop. Now it’s only 1.99 USD / 1.99 EUR on the European PS Store! Before, it was 4.99 USD / 3.99 EUR. Be sure to check out our official review that Luke did on the game.


Along with this price drop, Grip Games and are providing 10 PSN Codes for use on the European PS Store. To enter, leave a comment below on what you would do with a fully armed military blimp! The best ideas will win a copy of Blimp: The Flying Adventures. I will pick the winners this Monday at 8 a.m. MST. You have until the timer below hits zero.

[tab:Gameplay Footage]

For more footage and screenshots, check out Grip Games.

  • great stuff! good luck European gamers!

  • Never heard of it

  • I would use it to gain power, with said power I would capture an army of scientists and force them to make a time machine so I could go forward in time and see what the winning post is and then post it before they do so I can win.

    Oh and I might use it to go back in time and stop Hitler but this is more important DAMMIT!

  • Bring fear and ominous shadows to Valve Software, and get them to release Portal and Half Life 3; and then head over to Blizzard and get them to release Diablo 3.

    Then bomb Intel for selling defective Sandforce board chipsets, and force them to re-build my PC for me.

    After that – I guess I’d just blow Zynga up on principle 😉

  • Donovanf

    Use it to pick up women and/or go for a taco run.

  • Donovanf: Use it to pick up women and/or go for a taco run.  

    You have my vote. I can’t think of a better goal for any night lol.

  • Jay

    Do some carpet bombing at a blistering 35MPH

  • Beastxjason

    ZFM12: Never heard of it  


  • Good luck !

  • What would I do with a fully armed military blimp ?

    I would fill it with PS3s, huge TVs and dozens of gaming PCs so I could have a huge LAN centre inside 😀

    And I suppose I would be a local vigilante that could help out every now and then, but would always be reluctant because would rather spend time playing games.

  • i would use the blimp to cull European Starling in North America. and to back up wolves.

  • haha some great stuff already

  • I would make my blimp play Call of Duty: Black Ops, and their only goal would be to kill campers who ruin this great game.

    After that I would secure world peace. 😉

  • Good luck everyone! 🙂

  • Good luck Europe!

    And I love the timer Tosh 😛

  • I would go all “Adventures of Baron Munchausen” and adventure it up! Don’t worry, there’s enough room… you can come too.

  • pedro

    ZFM12: Never heard of it  


    Then there are at least 3 of us.

    Donovanf: Use it to pick up women and/or go for a taco run.  


  • John Madden

    I would avenge my brother, the Hindenburg.


    With a fully armed military blimp,I would take it to the skies filled with rooms of Playstation 3’s and pizza and chicken wings!This blimp will have sexy gamer girls and swimsuit models.We will be going into Iran with bombs that look like Xbox 360’s showing that Playstation is the!

  • topthis


  • lol @ some of the comments.

    Me – I’d turn it into a superhero mobile and turn my self in to *bam bam bam*

    Blimp Man!

    Still – my plans for a fully blinged out blimp are in alpha stage. Would like to add nitrus oxide turbo to the damn thing, along side a dancing pole with some actual pole gals providing in-blimp entertainment, whilst i fight crime in the city!

    My Motto for Blimp Man: If you’re on the wrong side of the law – get prepared to be spanked!

    Blimp Maaaaaaaaan to the rescue!!!!!!

    lol – ok i’m going overboard

  • Lefunkay

    Oh man, the stuff one could do with one of those –

    Personally tho, i would grow a mustache, speak in a French accent, and enjoy a good bottle of wine while hunting, i mean, soaring above the African savanna, spotting your pray, i’m talking lions, buffalos, elefants, all the big game, then i would bomb the living daylights outta them and mock them in my silly French accent.

    Now that i think about it, Queens, Another bites the dust, performed by a marching band and a group of Can-can Girls would be in there somewhere as well.

    I guess i could take it even further and do cool stuff like attach a giant mirror, burn ants.

    I know, i know, this all makes me sound like a horrible person, but really, you gave me the military blimp, i blame you.

    On yeah, and i would name it Betsy i think…