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My Killzone 3 Pre-Order is Going Back |

I haven’t been able to play the KZ3 beta very much, just because I couldn’t get online. After the patch last night, however, things were a lot better. I could connect no problem, and so I played several games. I was placed in several Guerilla Warfare matches right at the end, which was frustrating. But I also got to play through several full matches of Guerrilla Warfare and Warzone.

I’m going back to the store and asking for me pre-order money back. There’s no way that this is an enjoyable game. KZ3 is more frustrating than MW2 ever was.

One. It’s not fun being killed by people you can’t see. I was walking along, minding my own business, and a guy right if front of me, who was cloaked, shoots me dead. Sure, it might be fun for the cloaked person. “Tee hee. I was standing right in front of him. Giggle giggle.” But to everyone else, it’s an annoyance of epic proportions. (Well, as epic as annoyances in a video game can get.)

Two. It’s not fun being shot by team mates. The Infiltrator class allows an enemy to look like a team mate. So you’re constantly getting shot by people who you thought were team mates. So then you start shooting at everyone, just in case they’re not team mates, just to check. Because really, by the time you see whether or not your crosshairs change red it’s too late. So you spend the whole game wondering: “Is that guy a team mate? Is that guy a team mate? What about that guy?”. I don’t want to spend a whole match paranoid about getting stabbed in the back by a friend.

Three. Spawn camping. Spawn camping was terrible in KZ2. And it’s even worse in KZ3. In KZ2 the Tactician could lay down spawn points for use by team mates. In KZ3, that’s done away with and replaced with several fixed spawn points the Tactician can capture. So the enemy knows where the new spawn locations ALWAYS ARE, and camps them. Camp camp camp. There was a lot of spawn camping in the games I played last night. A lot. Tons. Everywhere. All over. Getting the point? Not fun.

Four. The map is too friggin huge. By the time you get to the objective, half the time has run out. “Just use the spawn points the Tactician can capture!” you say? Not when they’re being spawn camped!

I was so ticked off after playing KZ3 last night that I had to go and vent to my wife. This is not an enjoyable game. It is not an enjoyable experience.

  • So that perfect 10 that the official PSM gave them is bullshit?

  • I understand your concerns, you’ve not done a bad thing. I’ll be buying it, tho. They’ve had a nice thing going about spawn points, but it was implemented wrong in KZ2, and because of it, they patched it, made it utter garbage. This fixed spawn scheme seems to be a worse idea indeed.

  • Luke: they’re entitled to their opinion. This article outlines mine.

  • Luke: just out of curiosity, did PSM give the single player and multiplayer separate scores?

  • Nah as a whole they gave the game a 10, they said it’s not perfect but very close to it. I played the demo last night and just from the demo I could say it ain’t no 10

  • Foobear408

    you have to have the ability to adapt to any gaming situation. seems like your the kind of guy that would bitch about camping in any game, regardless. your argument on how the game sucks is weak and soft and your editorial skills are nominal. i suggest next time you write something, state fact and give reasons instead of excuses. and next time, leave your poor wife out of it. or not.

  • Kenny6774

    Is this a Beta or a demo??

  • pedro

    Like I said in the other post PSM always gives 10s to exclusive titles. That’s no parameter.

    But anyway, multiplayer seems pretty broken from that analysis.

    I’m not particularly interested in this or any other FPS for that matter because I suck at it, but also, people are always trying to be smart asses and then you just can’t have fun with it.

    It becomes a point festival, rather than a enjoyable experience.

  • derrickgott007

    I totally agree with all your points.

    The Giggle Giggle made me lol. Great article BlackStaffer!

  • Blackstaffer under fire on the FB page.

  • derrickgott007

    I tested spawn camping in the beta. Here is how it will go down.

    Be the class that allows sentry bots.
    Upgrade bots to top level.
    Run to enemy spawn and drop your sentry bot beacon or place turret there.
    Auto turret or sentry bot will kill whoever spawns in.
    Kills rack up.
    If you see sentry bot shooting, throw mortar strike beacon at spawn.
    Kills rack up.
    Other players rage quit.

    I reported this to the devs during the beta. Nothing happenEd.

  • Foobear408

    that’s pretty shady comments have to approved. it’s ok, I blasted you on facebook anyhow.

  • Beastxjason

    I like how people are complaining they cant aim on kz3. This game requires skill and alot of people want something kid friendly like pressing l1 and having it snap to the enemy as in every cod game. Killzone has always been hard core .
    1: The camo isnt that good you can totally see them.
    2. I think it hilarious. Most people whine about it and it doesnt effect health. Comedy.
    3. Thats what Tactical Spawns are for duh
    4.Its to early for a rant. Seriously? If they are camping the spawn it makes for easy kills imo.
    Theres also a whole list of changes that were made vi update and more liosted that are coming hence the name BETA

  • I think your not used to a game where you need actual skill to play online.
    The CODs have made you soft.

    One – Even when a player is cloaked you can still see them, you just need to be on your toes to spot it.

    Two – When a player is using the Infiltrator class the character will change between both teams (like a glitch in the character) allowing you to see what side they are on. If you the names above the players on it makes it easier to spot, it flashes from green (your team) to orange (enemy team).

    Three – Spawn camping is in every game, no matter what your playing there will be players who cant play and need to rank up points faster. Leave the game and search for another one until your happy that its not happening (or as much).

    Four – Map size is fine. You need to pay attention to and know where every objective will be so you can easily switch course for where you need to be.

    Overall your going to let a MP beta deter you from getting the game? Don’t go online then get it for the single player. It sounds like you either didn’t give it a real chance because you had connection problems before you got into a game or you just suck at games that need some skill and attention to play. just my opinion.

  • EdEN

    Never could get into KZ so I’ll be skipping part 3 as well. Since I don’t play online at all I don’t care about MP components in my games and since this is a very heavy MP game…

  • I’ve been killed by the cloakers and stuff a lot and I think its great lol. I never have a problem getting revenge though. Sure they get their one kill but its hard for them to rack up chains.

    Love the map size and I’ll be honest…haven’t came across a single spawn camper game yet. I’m not saying they aren’t there, but I have not experienced it and I’ve played a few games.

  • What FB page?

  • Well of course derrick agrees with henning. But i do angree with one of your complaints. I dont like the Infiltrators at all. They gave me a freaking huge headache and it seamed like everybody was one. I dont know of any FPS that dont have camping (i play them all) so complaining about that is pointless. I have a feeling someone got there *** handed to them and couldnt take it.

  • Foobear408

    what fb page???

    you’re doomed, kid.

  • pedro

    EdEN: Never could get into KZ so I’ll be skipping part 3 as well. Since I don’t play online at all I don’t care about MP components in my games and since this is a very heavy MP game…  

    That’s exactly how I feel.

  • Beastxjason:

    1) Maybe if you’re out on the snow. But in the darker passageways, you’re not going to see them until it’s too late. And there are lots of dark areas in Killzone maps. Remember KZ2?

    2) It doesn’t affect health? Are you responding to MY point number 2?

    3) I explained why the tactical spawns are no good. Duh.

    4) It’s not too early for a rant. I can rant if I like.


    I can see how this is going – name calling already just because I express my opinions about the beta. Nice.

    1) See my reply to Beastxjason.

    2) By then it’s too late.

    3) Spawn camping is in every game. True. But the game can be designed such that spawn camping is more of a problem or less of a problem. In Killzone 2 and now Killzone 3, it is definitely MORE of a problem. Not to start a war, but I rarely get spawn killed in CoD, and I play that game A LOT. Last night playing KZ3 it happened all the time. I remember in KZ2 it was a huge problem too.

    4) Thank you.

    Yes, I will let MP deter me from getting the game. Because the only reason I play these games if for the multiplayer.


    I wish I had your luck.

  • hobbes

    seems strange that’s it’s so botched. K2 camping made the online not any fun

  • DJ Paul

    You’re really making this sound bad, but it’s really not

  • Watcher

    I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t enjoy multiplayer, but that’s not enough for me to pass on a great single player campaign. One thing you have to remember is that multiplayer isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. I still enjoy KZ 2 and I only played multiplayer once.
    For the exception of Resistance 2, I’ve cared little for the first person multiplayer experience (They all seem to be the same) and I don’t think it’s the back breaker to any game with a great single player experience. It counts, but it shouldn’t carry more weight than the single player campaign.

  • Okay, I looked up the Facebook page. Three nasty comments is taking a pounding? Please. Maybe if there were 30.

  • Tee hee. Foobear408 called me a kid.

  • Beastxjason

    cod fan boy should have known.

  • there is a rash of Cod fans and KZ fans going at it all over the web. Its funny stuff.

  • Blackstaffer: Okay, I looked up the Facebook page. Three nasty comments is taking a pounding? Please. Maybe if there were 30.  

    Actually when someone says:

    “you have to have the ability to adapt to any gaming situation. seems like your the kind of guy that would bitch about camping in any game, regardless. your argument on how the game sucks is weak and soft and your editorial skills are nominal. I suggest next time you write something, state fact and give reasons instead of excuses. and next time, leave your poor wife out of it.”

    ” llooll you are just finding excuses…you don’t like the game because you’re not good in KZ3…because of the level in the beta? because you are not so good…
    Well, you don’t like the game because you’re not good, that’s all!!!”

    “U suck that’s why!”

    It seems like you are.

  • ADAM

    Im a little pissed that the single player demo is plus members only. I would think for a demo they would want everyone to play and see the game. I might pass just because of this fact. KInda wrong.

  • Mystery

    I understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but in this piece, you are speaking on the behalf of others, which really invalidates a lot of your credibility as a journalist.

    As it has been mentioned before, Killzone is not like other shooters. There’s very little aim assist, and there is a massive amount of strategy involved in order for your team to win a match. If your tactical spawn is being camped, you yourself can use an Infiltrator or Marksman (cloaked) class, and spawn at your base and flank them. Each base has several exits, and if you’re unable to rally your team to clear even one, (if they’re spawn camping your home spawn) simply put, you just need to get better at the game.

    Play the game for a little while longer. Understand that everything that is being done to you can be done back to them. In Warzone if they are trying to spawn camp, then those people aren’t playing the objective, and you should be able to win the match if you use teamwork. Learn the map, learn the classes, and learn the guns. If after all that you still can’t get better, then maybe you shouldn’t buy the game, but don’t discourage others just because you have a hard time grasping the mechanics of gameplay.

  • KnuckleD

    A poor article from the founder just makes this site look like a joke, if your going to try and put a game down at least give valid reasons unlike the garbage you just wrote. You havn’t gave any valid points to why its bad your just basically writing “I don’t like this game because it’s not retard friendly enough” and crying about shit you are at the game.

  • projectsik

    This guy must suck at FPS’s in general.

    1. Annoyed at the cloaking in Killzone? Learn where they camp, those people are usually predictable and either way, if they move, you see them. Not too difficult to take down those people, I guess you never played Halo (or other shooters for this matter) because this sort of stuff has been going on for quite a long time. Did you even play KillZone 2? Definitely not.

    2. Learn to put your reticule on your team mates and increase your sensitivity. Your reaction time must be pretty horrible if you can’t determine whether or not the team mate running next to you is an enemy opposed to the “team mate” running and shooting AT you.

    3. Spawn camping? Haven’t experienced a problem with it. There’s a reason this is a beta, I’m sure Guerilla will fix this problem, if it even exists.

    4. Please. now you’re just making poor excuses. You’re one of those people who just has to complain about everything. It’s ONE map. You’re complaining based on ONE map, ONE. Last time I checked most first person shooters have large, medium and small maps to fit certain game modes and a certain amount of players. A bigger map is the best choice for the beta, you get a chance to explore, play, and understand the games mechanics. Don’t complain about maps when you haven’t fully experienced all the maps the game has to offer. You’re acting like the game is shipping with this map and this map alone.

    KillZone MP doesn’t need you, don’t buy the game. I guarantee Guerilla won’t be losing sleep over your lost sale. You’ll just be missing out on an awesome game.

  • tito86

    i’ve been playing KZ3 since i could download it, so far i played 3-4 hours.

    i enjoy cod, but never played online. actually, i never play online, even on games i love, like uncharted 2, which had a solid multiplayer.

    at the beginning on KZ3, killing 2 guys on every game was almost a miracle. i like playing as a doctor. now, i start to kill 7-8 guys on every session. i learned how to aim, i know the map much better, and never did i spawn and got killed.

    i have little experience on games like this, playing online. on every session, i get better and better, and start to really enjoy playing against other people.

    should i cry because i can’t aim, and the guy in front of me, who has played cod or other games about 5000 hours, kills me?? no

    i need to play more and more, there’s a learning curve, of course. like everything, in life.

    do i want an “auto aim” option, so i just push R1, and everybody get killed? no.

    last time i played MW2, alone, whenever i zoomed in, i was aiming one head. i only had to pull R1, and bang.ciao. rip. yes, it’s fun, because you can finish the game without really having to learn how to aim. you’re the best, killing everybody. that’s why people like cod games: everybody can score.

  • KnuckleD

    Was bored enough to check your stats, you got 27 kills and your judging the game, that is terrible go join IGN or something, you’ll fit in well there with all the other retards who judge games without playing them.

    Funnily enough when you check your posted articles there all about Black Ops a typical CoD scrub who can’t adapt, add that with the fact that your only used gun in KZ is a LMG i’m guessing your one of those camping little useless twats that the whole gaming world hates.

    Dispand your website it’s shit anyway, you have lost all credibility.

  • SeedOfEvil

    I really don’t understand the point about camping. As soon as you respawn you cannot get killed for some seconds, so there’s enough time for you to run for cover.
    The cloack guy is easy to see where he is, he just as to move just a bit and you should be able to see him, the cloack effect disapears and your weapon icon on screen turns red.

  • BlackSharinganX


    1. sorry you couldnt get your chopper by doing a massive killstreak, but if you didnt know the cloaked guys have a radar jammer, ah what can this mean, remember when in MW2 people used the jammer ? what they do , they prepared for them cause the know they were nearas in dark places, moslty are halls, yes halls which take up practically less than your screen tv, and most of all your aim sight covers the whole hall. Spawn camping in all the cod game ive played since CoD 3 theres spawn camping , as if now you can see spawn camping in black ops that piss of crap excuse of a game which hit detection is awful and where you can put a tactical insertion behind where the enemy spawns. As for infiltrators not hard to detect while in building, but i guess if you see a team mate of yours in the snow heading towards where you spawn while you know the enemy is behind them i guess is a logical solution that , thats an enemy and to boot you aim at them and you identify them lol.

    For real some Cod guys need a uav to see where the enemies are cant see! guess what not every game can be call of duty. MW2 highrise god did i got tired to be spawned killed on that place and even if you got out a chopper gunner or a harried outside would of killed you. In black ops i forgot the name of the place i think its situated in cuba where they put tactical insertions behind to where you spawn and its more of a force spawn and kill you while they get theirs dogs, black birds, chopper gunners, gunships ect. and not way to combat a frontal enemy cause of hit detection you actually need to hit the shadow to get a headshot. My reason why left the Cod franchise wasnt because of spawn trapping but actually hwo activision makes a “two year developed” game that has the same scheme since Cod 4 and still screw up for some reason , selling a freaking beta version of the game for 60bucks, while killzone 3’s beta runs smoother before its even release, enemies actually get hit by bullets in the head gameplay works as it is. I myself didnt get much into KZ2 but KZ3 been playing it straight nonstop thats how much of the difference it is atleast on my part and like 4 other of my friends that left shit ops behind.

  • keysy

    trippin, is this a serious article your complaining about a shooter becauuse your getting shot

  • cell989

    seems to be that youve turned soft from playing COD. Dont get me wrong COD kicks ass, but if you want an authentic FPS that requires real skill, (no auto aim please) than KZ3 is the order of the day, if you want arcade fun go to COD

  • ADAM: Im a little pissed that the single player demo is plus members only. I would think for a demo they would want everyone to play and see the game. I might pass just because of this fact. KInda wrong.  

    ADAM you following us on TWITTER? We are giving away a Killzone 3 Demo code later today!

  • Axeblade1

    Part of the problem now is all of us are laying one map so you end up in the same game with someof the same people again. Once we have more maps than 1 I’m sure it will ween out the campers more too. I’m sure Guerrilla will be tweaking those types of issues up to launch then after of course. I played the single player demo the other day and it has me stoked for thsi game. Can’t wait to see how the jet packs work on some of the multiplayer maps that and vehicles. You really should consider picking it up still. If anything play it for a couple weeks and sell it on Ebay for a few dollars loss if you still don’t like it.

  • snakebite

    This is the CoD effect. People think that since they’re good in CoD KZ should be a piece of cake. They need to know KZ is noob proof and CoD is noob friendly The guy sucks at the game so he spat the dummy.

  • Tosh

    Killzone is a different beast from COD. It requires a lot more skill which I prefer. Last COD I played was Modern Warfare 1 and I haven’t regretted going back since. I’d rather play Killzone 2 over COD anyday. Looking forward to Killzone 3, day 1 baby!

  • Oh no! Blackstaffer doesn’t like something I like! He has different opinions than me! Plus he plays CoD! How dare he! He’s lower than scum! I can’t stand it. I better trash him.

  • Michael Parkinson

    Why don’t you just order it for the second controller? 🙂

    £35 for the game £20 for the controller = £55

    save £12 on the controller 😛

  • Man a 15 minute break at work just flies by when you’re reading this stuff XD. Not one for fueling fires. If you don’t like it, don’t get it. That’s why they have demos and betas. I feel like this shouldn’t have been a main article, more like a forum rant. Rant! Maybe I can make another Hitler Rant video for you XD. I already have the script in my head!

  • Istanbull

    Thank god you are taking back your pre-order. One less annoying and crying n00b in the multiplayer!

    Game on, Killzone 3 is great!

  • People need to understand what an opinion piece is. People will often have different opinions ever about critically acclaimed games. This only reflect one persons opinion on his experience with the beta. Nothing to go all crazy over.

  • Jay

    all I can say is “lmao”

    Everyone is taking this way out of hand.

  • Thanks Eddie. Tis true.

    Who knows. I might play it tonight and tomorrow retract everything. 🙂

  • djreplay

    Your not very good at game’s are you, try changing spawn point next time. I mean who plays a game for half an hour, gets 20 odd kills because there not very good and slate’s the game for it.

    Half a million other people seem to be getting on fine with it.

  • Ace

    Some people are blowing this article way out of proportion! It’s his opinion damnit. Now do I agree with this? No. I’m a hardcore FPS fan and I’ve played COD for the last 5-6 years and Killzone is the best FPS series I’ve played in terms of polishment and smoothness. It’s actually fun to play. I don’t want to smash my controller because I got randomly naded across the map, or some whore with noob tubes…Anyways it’s a different game, and yes you have to get used to it..But I disagree with most of the points he makes (No offense) because spawning is x10 better in Killzone 3 than 2. Guerrilla Games listen to it’s community unlike money bags activison who decided to poorly port Black ops over to ps3/pc. And Killzone is just a different atmosphere, I think it’s silly comparing COD to Killzone because it’s a different feel of FPS. I’m sorry you felt the need to take your pre-order off for one night of beta play, but this game is beyond fun. You just simply need to get into it.

  • Jake

    It kind of just sounds like you suck…

  • Johnny Lee

    Killzone 3 with the Move is the most fun I’ve had on any FPS, ever. I had preordered the game long before the beta started and ended up cancelling it because I started getting second thoughts. The minute I finished playing the beta, however, I reinstated my preorder as quickly as I could.

    I agree that the map provided to us for the beta seems a bit large at times, but you have to keep in mind this is only one map of many that will be in the final product. I don’t agree that you have to shoot at everyone including your teammates to be safe, you can easily see the cursor as green when aiming at team members and red when they’re enemies under disguise. I also don’t see cloaked enemies as a big deal, and the only spawn camping I ran into was on the Operations mode, which I didn’t care for anyways.

    All in all, in MY opinion, Killzone 3 is a very enjoyable game, provided an equally enjoyable experience.

  • i’ve been playing the beta since it launched on psn, and never really faced any of these annoying problems, i’ve never gotten more then 10 deaths in a game and have always finished with around 15 to 25 kills, there really is no problems with the game itself, but people use cheap tactics, all multiplayer games have people who abuse cheap tactics to score a kill

  • EdEN

    @Johnny Lee: FPS with the Move are indeed better than with Dual Shock. I’ve been playing FPS games like that on the Wii for years now and Dual Shock doesn’t feel right anymore.

  • Jawz

    Honestly the most pathetic article i have read this year. I understand that everyone has their own opinion, but complaining about the cloak? The cloak isn’t permanent and they cant be running around while cloaked, they have to stand still. Also about players looking like your team mate, but putting your cross-hairs on the enemy it reveals themselves.
    Honestly man i could write so much more, but it just seems to me like you didn’t give this game a chance, and you are shit at FPS games.

  • Jawz

    @ Jawz
    *BY putting your cross-hairs*

  • Jonaskin

    I’m going to pick it up. I don’t play many online FPS, only COD4/MW2 really, and a bit of Resistance 2 co-op. That being said, KZ2 is probably the online FPS I’ve enjoyed most, and I loved the single player campaign of it too.

  • NoNeed

    1. ALWAYS BE AWARE. I know Call of Duty has taught you the ways of “everyone is visible and always easy to kill”. Well, that is not how it works in Killzone 3. The very, incredibly simple way to fix that is to always keep your wits about you. While playing Operations Mode, I ran into maybe one or two Marksman users. And they never got the drop on me. When they move, their Cloak gives off white, blue and black pixels. Also, use grenades when an area has bodies scattered all over it.

    2. That whole point is just silly. When you aim your crosshair NEAR someone they show clear signs of being an enemy. The only time you don’t know is if they make their way up to you. If they get that close, the class isn’t broken and makes perfect sense that it would be our fault we die. The class is clever and perfect for Killzone 3. Just keep your wits about you and you’ll be fine. Don’t be too scared to back off, just move with confidence and keep your eyes open.

    3. This is also a VERY silly point. You spawn with a “barrier” of sorts around you. So you automatically have the upper hand if someone is spawn camping you. Nothing they hit you with will damage you for a set amount of time. They can throw grenades just as you spawn, under your feet, and you still won’t die. So my repeated point here is, dying at a spawn point means you aren’t shooting fast enough. I’ve never had this problem.

    4. If you capture the spawn points (more than one), you’ll have no problem here. Otherwise start using the Infiltrator as he has a skill that lets him run much faster than the rest of the classes. I do find if no one else is catching the spawn points, this can be a big problem. But I’m sure the full game will have better maps than the one in the Beta.

    All in all, in Killzone 3 you NEED to be aware of who and what is around you. There is a counter to every single class, too. So if you have problems with Marksman, take out your Tactician. He has a scan ability that scans the entire screen over and over to show you who is an enemy and who isn’t (pretty much Killzone’s answer to a personal face mounted UAV).

    I’d say don’t give up on Killzone 3 yet. Take back the pre-order if you want, it’s your money. But play the Beta more, and try the different modes. Try the other classes and find what you are best with. Remember Botzone exists, so you can try all the classes with all weapons and abilities unlocked. It’ll give you an idea of what to play with.

  • mopground

    wow someones raged quit to the extreme! LOL! you really shouldnt knock the game just cause your bad at it

  • matt

    why did you even preorder this game if you never played kz2?

  • NinjaTrouiLLe

    KZ is a rare shooter where you need to be smart and play smart to win… people are not used to this, so, I understand your concern.

    Those drawbacks you’re mentioning are only drawbacks if you try to play just like in MW… because it’s simply NOT modern warfare, and thats a good thing.
    Those are excellent ideas actually if you also play with well organized people (since KZ forces team matches)… but can be extremely annoying when playing with a bunch or retards.

  • Ferrari

    I say an admin should take this shitty and bad opinionated article down. is suppose to be a news blog about playstation games.
    Not a personal blog about some guy ranting @ a game because he sucks at it & is publicizing it out there for others to see and do the same.

    Pretty disappointed by this post & this website for allowing such a thing.
    Opinions need to be kept to yourselves.

  • Brian

    Are you an idiot? You must be. This beta is letting them fix any problems so the real game is even better. The single player demo is great. Maybe you should play that and wait a little for the online play to get fixed. Pretty much all online games will have early problems. It doesn’t make the game bad.

  • is about gamers which includes but not limited to news, rumors, editorials, reviews and opinion pieces. We allow anyone to explore and write an article as long as it is in good taste (aka not cursing or making fun of individuals or fanboy remarks).

    I don’t believe that any of the official co-writers agree with Blackstaffer here, but he has his right to voice his opinion.

    If you wanted to write a productive counter-review in good taste we would be more then happy to publish it for you.

  • /runs!

  • Oly


    NOTE: KillZone 3 DEMO Giveaway code on Twitter starting now!!!!

  • lol basing an opinion on a beta, its not the finished game. tweeks and balancing will be still be doing now, thats what a beta is for. user feedback.

  • Dean147: lol basing an opinion on a beta, its not the finished game. tweeks and balancing will be still be doing now, thats what a beta is for. user feedback.  

    This game is already in production…It releases in less then 2 weeks lol.

  • Jay: all I can say is “lmao”Everyone is taking this way out of hand.  

    hahaha i agree the man is allowed his own opinion. I agree with him on some points but overall enjoy the better tho not enough to change my mind and buy the game

  • Oly

    This game is already in production…It releases in less then 2 weeks lol.  

    Yes, but this is still considered BETA.. because they are testing for issues. I’ll do a post recapping what the official blog said about them working out the issues.

  • Robert

    I loved killzone 2, and im loving the kz3 beta, I hardly ever get killed by snipers as I don’t walk in a straight line, I reconise disguised players straight away, and if some on is spawn camping, it’s an easy kill for me 😉 stop trying to force your opinion on to other people.

  • sounds like a nerd that only like one type of fps. the run and gun kind. time to grow up. and how can anybody like a game like call of duty that has disappearing bullets.

  • xDeFcoN_2FasT4Ux

    wow there is no way im reading 70 something comments. Anyway dude I thought about that to. The menu isn’t smooth at all, and the lag in there is annoying at times, yes infultrater is annoying, yes getting shoot by cloaked guy is annoying, but um lol MW2 OMA is the most thinand frustrating thing ever. KZ3 is about squads, what do squads do they comunicate. You point out where you are nand stuf, that is what killzone is about get your 8 friends or clan mates and talk through the game. duh.

  • ryan

    wow people like to complaine about every little thing .thats all i have been seeing on the internet lately is some people complaining .there’s alot more to a game then just the multi player .

  • have to say love how a lot of people are saying this game is more squad based from what ive played everyone seems to do their own thing and dont listen just like COD. Maybe im just getting into bad games

  • Jay

    I still love my BFBC2 😛

  • I agree on #2. I applaud GG for bringing new ideas into FPS games. The camo idea just doesn’t work IMO. I end up shooting team mates who come around corners too fast. If someone comes around the corner, I line them up and wait for the name to turn red. By then, I have lost the advantage and we both see each other and the element of surprise is gone. The answer? When something comes around the corner, start firing until you realize it’s a team mate. Makes communication that much more important. The games I played today, all 8 enemies were cloaked or camouflaged. I can deal with the cloaking to an extent, as you can see them most of the time.

    I have not seen spawn camping in KZ3, but I do remember it in KZ2, from the last time I played it over a year ago.

  • Oly:
    Yes, but this is still considered BETA.. because they are testing for issues. I’ll do a post recapping what the official blog said about them working out the issues.  

    Not for software though. Sure there will be some balancing and glitch fixes through patches…but this is all server strengthening. The game is pretty much what you played.

  • vilkit

    Say what? So you’re not buying the game out of spite? Nobody owes you a demo or beta, there is no need to retaliate over a beta isn’t supposed to be 100% final to begin with. I am sure you have purchased games in the past when there was was no beta or demo released. Sony releases a beta to the community to give them a taste of the game, it’s nice but not necessarily mandatory for them to do. This post reeks of crybabyism

  • darth vader

    Just not your type of game……. I liked the Beta…..I pre-ordered it today. btw….QQ little baby 😀

  • Josh

    Haha. Whoa. I got on this website like maybe 1-2 years ago. Checked it out on my iPhone maybe once a day. It wasn’t as big then. Now it’s getting popular. Its even on n4g! Nice job guys. Btw killzone3 is ok. They really miss up the spawns. I hate it.

  • mike

    this article is gay. and you are stupid and dumb.

  • ok

    dude u need to take in mind that this is a BETA. I repeat a BETA. so when they release it will hoopefully fix the problems. i admit the spwning was abit annoying but overall it was a great game which actually required skill instead of luck like cod

  • NeloAnjelo

    You sound like a noob. Go back to COD. Just last night I killed 30 people without dying in warzone, playing as Tactition. I’ve logged about 20 beta hours.

    There is no auto aim to help you here, no remote control cars, or dogs, or missles or over the top perks. Every weapon and class in Killzone plays and feels different. Your ability to adapt work as a team and completel objectives is what Killzone is about.

    The spawn points in KZ 2 were far worse, as people just camped around it. They removed the invincibilty time because people threw spawns in other team’s bases. A good tactiction placed spawns that are hard for the other team to get to. For instances over the edges where the smoke is not seen.

    Guerilla Warfare and Operations do not have Spawn points.
    The classes make Killzone Unique.

    4 Cods in 4 years, and the game is still the broken and glitched. Killzone is far superior.

  • I knew this thread was going to blow up!

  • Haha

    Lol, you n00b.