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Rumor: Activision Looking to Buy Take Two (Grand Theft Auto Publisher) |

According to MCVUK, industry giant Activision is rumored to eyeing up Take Two Studios to purchase in the very near future. Thats right, the owners of Rockstar Games.

These rumors are circulating even at the highest level of industry professionals bringing a pinch of credability with it. We all know that Activision is not above buying the largest games in the industry (COD, WOW, etc) and spurn out yearly versions of said games. We also know they will not hesitate to kill off games that underperform such as Guitar Hero as of late.

So how do you feel about GTA, Red Dead and L.A. Noire going to Activision?

*image courtesy of colony of gamers

  • They should have jumped after TTWO 6 months ago when the stock was valued at 8. Now it’s up to 15

  • Beastxjason

    I cant stand Activision. They never polish their games.

  • Activision doesn’t make games 😛 They publish them lol.

  • EdEN

    Does this mean we’ll get a new GTA every year?

  • pedro

    I’m not excited about this either.

  • derrickgott007

    Death of the series if that happens. Activision is starting to get like EA used to be. Too many irons in the fire which leads to crappy games getting pushed out the door in a cash grab.

    EA has gotten way better since they restructured and slowed down on each game making then better. Activision seems to be speeding up too fast and quality is going to start suffering.

  • xDeFcoN_2FasT4Ux

    YO this is bad Activition is with MS likie crazy If they get hold of GTA franchise that originated mainly on playstaation with SONY, they we can kisss our game greatest game good bye. Not literally, but like um they will do all this to make sure that the future games are better for 360. And I think our exclusives will no longer be exclusives. Like AGENT. Will they?

  • Ferrari

    I hope this doesn’t happen.

    I hate Activision

  • Jay

    I could see Rockstar potentially going independent and R* Games becomes it’s own publisher (technically, Rockstar Games is a publisher now, they’re just owned by Take Two) with all the Rockstar developers under its belt. separate from Take Two and Activision

  • lol Jay still stuck on that “subsidiary’s have a choice” thing lol. Not gonna happen. Its happened once and that was mutual lol.

  • Jay

    Take Two could strike a deal with Rockstar Games or something, you don’t know.

    Activision is like a train wreck now. If they absorb Take Two, they’ll probably close them down and absorb Rockstar Games’ developers (I’m not counting any other studio of course), and since Activision seems pretty stingy, they’ll probably close down Rockstar Games itself and become the publisher of their development studios instead. I’m not sure if Take Two would want that.

  • there is no individual entity known as “Rockstar Games”. Its a group of people working in several locations. In order for this to even be remotely possible, it would require a third party. Sam and Dan Houser dont’ have the cash to buy it back…so thats out of the question. Besides….other then Rockstar, whats left of Take Two? Might as well buy the whole company.

  • Jay

    Eddie: there is no individual entity known as “Rockstar Games”.

    I don’t understand. Rockstar Games, as a publisher, is HQ’ed in New York

    “The Headquarters of Rockstar Games is located on Broadway in the NoHo neighborhood of New York City, part of the Take-Two Interactive offices. It is the head office of Rockstar’s worldwide publishing enterprises. It is home to the marketing, public relations and product development departments.”

    Sounds like it’s own entity to me.

  • So it would own itself? lol Really…who would own it? The people of Rockstar? It takes a buyer…and a willing seller just like anybody else.

    As of now…it is owned wholy by Take Two. It IS Take Two. Even if they did go to sell it, there would be negotiations of what is actually being sold. The name? the developers? The locations? All of the above? Its not as simple as “Hey…we wanna go solo…PEACE!”

  • Jay

    I would hope that Take Two doesn’t get bought out by Activision at all. In the case they were to sell out to Activision, I would hope they would sell “All of the above” rather cheap to Rockstar Games to become independent beforehand.

    I know the likelihood of that happening is very slim, but there’s still that chance it could. It’s not an absolute 0% chance.

  • disbanding a publicly traded company to go independant is very near absolute 0% lol. The forfeiture of stock alone would cost as much as the purchase of all rights lol.

  • WTF!!! I think it wont happen, how it is possible?? Activision and Take 2 are so differents..

  • Beastxjason

    picture getting out of the car and hitting L1 constantly to snap in fps mode lol

  • Sylvrfonic

    There has to be a point were having one company publishing all the biggest titles is bad for consumers. To say I don’t like Activision is not entirely accurate. I don’t like the picture that Bobby Kotick has painted of Activision’s executive culture and vision.

    If they do purchase Take2 it will be a shame. I play Activision games but, as a rule, because of Bobby K’s statements and the company’s shady business practices I never purchase games Activion publishes new.

  • lol hopefully this doesnt happen i like the gta hames coming out with a fair gap between

  • NUUUUUUUUUUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu….

    Don’t do it!
    Conglomeration companies aren’t nearly as good. I mean the only things I’ve bought from EA and enjoy (in the past couple of years) is Dead Space 2 and Bad Company 2.

  • The GTA games are awesome. As a gamer, I don’t like it when people mess around with what’s working!

    I vote, nay.


    Not the crappy producers of Call of Duty!!!! No, this cannot be happening!!!!

    Take-Two, if you’re listening, please turn down the offer. I’m on my digital knees begging you.