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KZ3 Beta: Can’t Beat ‘Em? Join ‘Em! |

I played some more KZ3 beta last night, and before I get into it I’d like to make some comments. First, I’m only one person, and this is only my opinion. Second, I know this is a beta, but if I can’t criticize a beta, then they shouldn’t have released it. Also, this game is close to release. Those of you saying “it’s only a beta, the final version could be much different” don’t realize how software development works. The final version will be just like this. Let’s just hope that they patch it. Third, I keep playing it because I want to like it, believe it or not. I know I’ve been doing a lot of complaining, but I bring to the fore issues with the game that need correcting. I played KZ2 quite a bit. Those of you who were around for KZ2 will remember all the game nights I put together. I like the franchise, and I want it to improve, and I want to enjoy it. Fourth, to those of you who like to insult me because I express my opinion: grow up. Or not. I like a good laugh.

Okay, let’s get into it. I played several matches of Guerilla Warfare last night, and nothing else. So these comments are about that.

Before I get into the meat of it, those of you who don’t have spawn issues should watch a little more carefully. Last night I caught someone by surprise right at the start of a fresh game and killed him within seconds of the match start. First blood, and he definitely didn’t see it coming. While I enjoyed the kill, I acknowledge that it was totally unfair.

So last I decided that if I can’t do well at the game playing the class I want to play (Tactician), that I would try one of the classes I dislike playing against. I couldn’t bring myself to play the Infiltrator, so I chose the Marksman.

How did I do? Well, to put it mildly: extremely well. I went from one of the players that don’t really make a difference to probably the best performer on the team. For almost all the matches. I didn’t get the highest number of kills, but I turned in the highest number of kills over deaths. And in Guerilla Warfare, that’s what matters. I routinely got games where I went nine and two, or nine and one. (For some reason, nine kills was a very common number for me.) I often got a ribbon for the highest k/d ratio.

I know you’re thinking “Nine kills? What’s the big deal about nine kills?”. Yeah, I’m not the best player in the game. I never said I was. But a score of nine and two contributed a lot more to the win than the “top” player that went 15 and 12. If you don’t understand that, please don’t reply. The leader boards at the end of a Guerilla Warfare match are not organized by contribution to the win, instead they’re organized by the number of kills, which isn’t the same thing.

Anyway, I’m trying to point out that going from a Tactician to a Marksman greatly improved my score. I did a lot better playing a cheap hide-in-the-corner class than playing a class that is more team oriented. Sure, it was very satisfying to turn around and kill two people who were standing right next to me who didn’t see me. But this is adversely affecting the game. Last night I didn’t see a single Medic. There’s no incentive to play the Medic. I rarely saw Tacticians or Engineers. Some games, there wasn’t a single Engineer on my side, so we had no resupply depots. I had to scrounge around for weapons when I ran out of ammo. Is this what you guys want? Everyone playing Marksman or Infiltrator?

  • I personally always play engineer or tactician…so if you play with me…then you will be safe 😛 I have more fun spawning turrets and such then hiding and shooting lol.

    I do agree that each class should have something that makes it more attractive to play.

  • XxT_I_K_IxX_PR

    That’s only in Guerrilla Warfare(is like COD’s team deathmatch(no wonder it got problems haha) same respawn problem…) Go to the other modes and they are full of all classes. Guerrilla Warfare sucks imo why? respawn sucks, time limit is too short(even though they’re going to change this once the game is released), no team work at all and the map is to little (based on the beta map example)just like COD lol imo Guerrilla Warfare should be removed xD Warzone and Operations FTW!

  • Brad

    I almost always play Engineer for Guerrilla Warfare. I’m usually in the top 3 and I often have most kills and least deaths. You found a class that works best for you. There is absolutely no reason to play a medic during GW, but it can really help in other game types. The Tactician is also really useful when you need to capture points, and his upgraded bot is pretty effective. I’ve gotten good at looking for infiltrators and marksmen. If my crosshairs turn red, I open fire. The spawns in GW can be bad. I have noticed that teams are often place very close to each other at the beginning of a match. I’m not sure any FPS has gotten spawning 100% right, but that just shows hard it is to do.

  • The spawning issue blows. I wanted to see what all this fuss was about so I joined “Guerrilla Warfare” and what did I do? I simply selected Eng and went to the other teams spawn points. Since nothing was preventing me from doing it I set up a turret here and there and just killed people as they spawned. Now of course this was all in the name of science so I stopped after a few kills but man could that get annoying as hell and ruin the game.

    @Blackstaffer‘s point taken.

    But this really depends on the people you play with because the people I played with weren’t exploiting this issue so it was a lot of fun. In the end these needs to be cut off as there are people that will exploit this and kill the game for everyone else.

    As to your last point about Medic’s or Engineer’s, I am not really sure what to tell you. IF you want to play as a team you have to think. If there are no Medic’s that not the games fault it’s the team that doesn’t have any. No incentive? Of course there is you can revive your team members and can easily be one of the factors in winning the game. Same goes for Engineer, you can setup turrets, fix busted ammo creates, if your team doesn’t want to do it once again it’s no ones fault but the teams.

    Being a sniper is like any other game, you hide and kill not much else to it. But just because you can hide doesn’t mean anything. If your entire team goes Sniper Bananas and just wants to hide and snipe well good luck. There are other games that have this issues when everyone on the team selects that class and guess what happens? They suck out.

    In the end I agree with you about the spawn killing but that’s about it, as you said this is your opinion so thanks for the discussion.

  • I’m always the medic of engineer… Thats how I rank up my points and figure if I’m dying… atleast I’m helping the team. Also, I’m usually 1-4 on the post game board. I find it just like COD games, where I’m good some rounds and some rounds your on the worst team ever.

    Regardless, keep up the Constructive Criticism!

  • GB

    ya, know I’m enjoying this beta and I was also in the closed beta back in October and i played nightly then and now. we have all of the classes represented nicely. I play as a engineer and tactician mostly because I love those turrets and sentry drones, but I will admit I used infiltrator and marksman to get my unlock points to use on engineer and tactician class. I have to disagree with you on the complaining you do about infiltrator and marksman. I’ve played with those two classes a lot and I have games where i get my fair share of kills but I also have many games where I get killed over and over and it seems like no one has a problem telling I’m disguised as an infiltrator or hiding in the shadows as a marksman. players have walked right up to me and mele’d me as both. you’re right this is just your opinion but it really feels like you make more of an issue out of this than it truly is I play a lot and I don’t feel those classes have an advantage. The attributes of all the classes even everything out. When I’m an engineer i get a lot of kills with my sentry turrets. Is that unfair? When I’m a tactician i get a lot of kills with my flying drones. Is that unfair too? I’ve even gotten a fair share of kills with the medi-droids when i’m a medic. players who don’t delve deep into games will stay with the marksman and infiltrator classes but don’t you have those players in all types of shooters and all types of games? The things you’re complaining about really are not unique to Kill Zone.
    I’m only one person and this is only my opinion but I hope to see you out there on the battlefield when the game is released

  • Foobear408

    I never seen someone write three different articles on the same game and see them backpeddle as hard as you are when it comes to “opinion”.

  • Beastxjason

    Killzone is great for al ot of reasons. I like how you can have 2kills and 14 deaths but you revived 34 players and captured all the tactical spawns turning the tide of the battle in your favor. I always play the Engineer because I think ammo box’s are the most important. Repairing the ammo box next to a defend point can save the day allowing everybody to claymore up the place and refill lol

  • Thanks guys for the comments.

    I haven’t played as a Medic except in Botzone to see what the capabilities are like. In Botzone, the enemy players shoot down my medic bot VERY fast. How is it in real life against real players?

    As to team play, yes, I should have switched to the Engineer and repaired a weapons depot or two in order to be a team player. The only thing I can say is that I was trying to determine how well I could do as a Marksman, and we were winning anyway, even without the Engineer’s abilities. And since the win is the thing, I didn’t feel too guilty.

    Personally, I like the short Guerilla Warfare games. I don’t want to commit to 30 minutes each time I want to play a match. I really like the idea of breaking out some of the other game types like Capture and Hold as well.

    My Tactician’s bot is not yet fully upgraded. As is, mine’s not very good. I can’t wait to have it at full power. The Tactician’s ability to capture spawn points in other game modes is both very powerful and very team oriented. Which is one reason why I like the Tactician class so much. But I often find that getting the critical spawn point (like the middle one on the dam in Operations) is too hard because of all the cloaked Marksmen guarding it. And since the Recon ability doesn’t work against a Marksman with an upgraded cloak, I can’t find them. I guess I need to work on my Tactician’s tactics.

  • Foobear408: I suggest you try to be a little bit more constructive instead of being a troll. If you can’t conceive of a person having changing experiences as he learns and adapts to a game, then you need to open up your mind a bit. Oh, and this is my fourth article.

  • let me be the first to say “KICK HIS ASS SEABASS”!

  • Royalty32

    To be honest I enjoy playing COD:BLOPS more than this. i had way more fun with KZ2 mp than this. Guess i will waitin for Mar. 22 for Crysis 2

  • I really enjoy playing Engineer. I always love hunting down ammo crates and fixing them XD I was always used to being a Medic in KZ2 [most of the time anyways, I did have some fun with other classes] but I’m not sure if I’ll start with Engineer when I get the game. If anything I might just unlock the last gun for Engineer, then use the points towards Medic. I’m just hoping that you can Respec in the final game. I never really used that feature in games like MAG, but after a while I got tired of using the assault rifles, so I respec’d to go the route of a LMG with major accessories.

  • Noah1814

    I always play the engineer. I like playing the support classes. Especially for Warzone. With search and retrive and assassination modes, it’s essential to have a variety of classes. You dominate if you do!