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NGP News Round Up |


NGP has been a source of media attention since it has announced with rumors, requests and some sprinkled in info. Developers seem to be in a supportive frenzy unlike which I have seen for any other platform in the past. I’ve seen developers go back and forth over the console that they are developing for but I’ve never seen this number of developers show unanimous support for a single console prior to its launching like this one. It surely gets the brain going.

[tab:Retailers Preferred Price]

From MCVUK, some retailers are speaking up on preferred price. Retailers are asking Sony for a sub £300 price range to be successful.

That’s roughly $480 in North America, but as we know there is not a direct currency translation between us and the UK. Currently the PS3 is about £258.37 in the UK. (UK guys feel free to correct me). So they are asking for the NGP to be priced around the same price as the PS3.

For reference, the 3DS is listed at £229.99.

[tab:Developer Smiling]

From Creative Directed Ru Weerasuriya from Ready at Dawn had a lot to say about the NGP at the DICE summit. Ready at Dawn is known for the PSP versions of God of War.

” I have a smile on my face whenever we talk about the NGP because I think overall that console has the potential to really define what portable gaming is.

You know, we did that also with the PS3 and all that, but the NGP — not only with the touch screen capability, but the screen, and just the capacity of actually making a game that’s probably better than PS3 games that you can make right now — for me, it’s like the thing. For portable gaming I don’t think there’s anything else in the future.”

[tab:Nippon Ichi]

according to Destructoid, Vice President of Nippon Ichi , Johanna Hirota, has confirmed that they are working on a game for the NGP that will be ready “This Year”, which brings light to a 2011 release at least in Japan. Nippon Ichi is best known for the Disgaea series so maybe that’s what we will see on the NGP?

[tab:Famitsu Response]

Andriasang, has listed Famitsu readers responses as to what they want with the NGP.

Even though there’s still a lot of mystery surrounding NGP, including details on price and launch titles, Famitsu’s readers appear to be largely excited about the system. Asked if they want the NGP, 76.2% said yes. Only 7.9% said no, with the remaining 15.9% saying they’re still not sure.

How much interest the NGP ends up drawing will likely have a lot to do with price. The second item in the survey was a multiple choice question about expected price. 42.5% selected ¥30,000 or below as the system’s expected price point. The second most popular response was ¥35,000 and below at 18.7%, followed by ¥25,000 and below at 17%.

1.5% expect the system to cost below ¥15,000, which would be lower than the PSP’s current ¥16,800. 3.7% expect it to cost over ¥50,000. Famitsu didn’t get a reason from those who selected ¥15,000. However, a 44-year-old man who selected ¥50,000 said that he expects the system to cost around the level of current Smartphones.

Sony showed white and black NGP models at the PlayStation Meeting unveiling. White is actually the most wanted color amongst survey takers, getting 224 votes. Blue came in second with 183 votes, followed by Red, Silver and Green. Black didn’t make the top five.

NGP is packed with features, from its massive screen to its various input devices to built in 3G support and software features like Near and LiveArea. Famitsu asked readers which feature is most notable.

The top response with 680 votes was the system’s ability to deliver console-level graphics. Coming in at a close second with 622 votes was the system’s dual analogue stick setup. Screen resolution of four times that of the PSP came in at third with 607 votes.

One of the NGP’s more unique features is its inclusion of dual touch panels, one on the screen and one behind the unit. At the press conference, Sony demonstrated dual touch controls for Uncharted and Little Deviants.

Famitsu asked readers to name the genre the’d most like to see use dual touch controls. Action was the most popular response by far, beating out puzzle, simulation, FPS and adventure in that order.

Among the responses, one 20-year-old college student suggested that the rear touch pad could be appropriate when you have to control something separate from your character. Some responders felt that the dual touch panels could lead to revolutionary controls.

The result for this question shouldn’t come as a surprise. Monster Hunter got 282 votes, almost as much as the other four in the top five combined. Metal Gear Solid was second, followed by Final Fantasy, Tales and Kingdom Hearts.

One responder said that because the system has a right analogue stick similar to the Dual Shock, he wants to play Monster Hunter.

Somewhat related to this, Famitsu’s readers selected Capcom as their most wanted NGP third party developer. Konami came next, followed by Square Enix, Sega and Namco Bandai.

[tab:Edge Hands On]

CVGUK has posted Edge Magazines opinions on the NGP hands on experience.

-Considerably larger
-Much thinner than a PSP
-Size trade off for the 5 inch OLED is very worth it
-Does not give off heat
-Very comfortable
-high quality
-best dual analog sticks on any handheld ever
-some NGP features were removed to bring down price prior to unveiling

  • pedro

    NGP looks awesome and that is a fact.

    I just hope developers interest is real and they develop great games for it.

    It really saddens me when people say a multi-platform game plays better on the 360 rather than the PS3 because devs didn’t really use it for development.

  • Royalty32

    Im back ppl. Got my money up, my life in check and now im back in gaming. With of course the ps3.

    Let me just say this and i think i make a good point. If the ngp sells for $300 it will and i repeat IT WILL taste the ass of nintendo once again. Sony has to price this at $249.99 to stay competitive. Now i understand it has all this cool tech and it wants to make profit fast but if this is the same price as a ps3 then i dnt think it will sell well. Now i know all of ur are going to say “$300 is not bad cuz its basically a portable ps3” and i understand that but if Sony wants to make money it has to sell it at $249.99 or u will see the ngp fall behind fast.

  • lol Actually if Sony wants to make money…it has to be above $250 becuase I’m sure this thing cost more than that to manufacture.

    Besides…iPad sells for $500+, iPod touch sells for $250+, e-readers sell for close to $200 on average. Portable product prices have been raised across the board and have been accepted so I think a $299 price will be accepted pretty well overall. Anything higher is treading dangerous territory.

    Besides….It looks like there will be a ton of multiplatform games between the 3DS and the NGP this time around since they are more similar this gen then they were last gen.

  • oh and welcome back Royalty.

  • Royalty32

    Thanks Eddie and thats a good point about ipads selling for $500+ but im sure Sony and all of us dnt wanna see them going dwn the same path. Look at the pspg go. Cost $150 more than the psp3000 and for what downloadable only games. I will stress the until its releases. The ngp has to sale for $249.99 or nintendo will crush it. Just picture this, the only ppl buying the psp2 will be the hardcore gamer. Nintendo has the casual gaming on lock, so if sony wants a piece of that pie, first its gonna need the casual games and the price point has to be $249.99.

    Or picture this. If im new to the handheld game and both of thses are out with a respectable amount of games. First thing im gonna look at is cost by far. Then comes well what can this thing do. Ok nintendo can play games in 3D without glasses, cool. Ok psp2 has two thumbsticks…..its about damn time. All im saying is the price is gonna make or break the psp2.

  • PSPGo did fail bc it was $250 and didn’t offer anything more than the PSP so I agree there.

    Sony actually outlined the NGP marketing. First year marketed towards the hardcore, Second year more casual and third year even more casual or something like that. I can’t find the quote right now. Obviously I expect price drops as the marketing changes focus as well.

    Also the 3DS is $250. Its not cheap by any means of the word either. Thats not to say I believe the NGP will outsell the 3DS. Who outsells who really is irrelevant except to fanboys. Second place is perfectly fine as long as the product profits.

    Being the tech geek…I want that OLED screen lol.

  • DJ Paul

    Hopefully it won’t be more than 300

    Or else they won’t sell much (like the ps3 launch price)

  • £300 is a very attractive price, and yeah that is £50 more than a PS3 over here.

  • Beastxjason

    If it ends up being the price of a ps3 that will be a tough sell. This is a tricky matter for sony

  • Beastxjason: If it ends up being the price of a ps3 that will be a tough sell. This is a tricky matter for sony  

    The 3DS is the price of the Wii’s launch price.

  • I am with @Royalty32 on this this won’t do good if it’s $300 or higher. If they want to go against the Nintendo they better price this at $250. @Eddie & @Dean147 you guys maybe willing to spend that kind of money but I doubt (my opinion only) that most people want to blow that kind of money.

    You can’t compare this to the Apple products either. As of right now Apple has the “can’t do anything wrong status” which is something that SONY does not have. Even if prices don’t make sense for Apple products people are willing to buy them because of the WOW and I am better than everyone else factor.

  • ah apple how i dislike them. I dont think $300 is too bad but anything over is asking for trouble

  • that “status” is relevant. What also is relevant is that that status can be given or revoked at a moments notice with or without proper cause. NGP could very well usurp that particular status when it launches, or it could die a flaming death.

  • Royalty32

    I must be a sucker cuz i just got an iphone 4 and im lovin it 🙂 Look we all know the psp2 is gonna be a beast no doubts there. That bein said sony has to learn from there mistakes. Just look at the lauch of the ps3, if that doesnt flip a switch at sony then nothing will. Yes iPADs are $500+ but they do a shit load of stuff thats why they sell and plus cuz its apple. Its gonna be tuff for sony if the $300 price tag is true, lets pray its not………………………Every bow ur heads!!

  • I’m ok with $300. Like I said…3DS is only 50 bucks cheaper and nobody is worried about it selling. I dont’ want over $300 though.

  • pedro

    Eddie: I’m ok with $300.Like I said…3DS is only 50 bucks cheaper and nobody is worried about it selling.I dont’ want over $300 though.  

    I agree with you on this one. I don’t think $300 is a tough sell.

    And as far as the IPad goes, sure apple can have it’s own price because they’re hyped, but i truly think the NGP has some big WOW factors too.

  • xDeFcoN_2FasT4Ux

    Okay so um this is not fair honestly, to us consumers at all if it be around the price of a ps3, yes there is crap loads of stuff in it, but its no ps3. I say 250$ and thats how much 3Ds is. Compete with the competitors, more sales this way and ah well this way we will be able to buy the xperia phone and all the exclsuives for ps3 that we want.

  • If the 3ds is 250 and the NGP is 250…which is better? There will be two schools of thought. 1…3ds is overpriced. 2….NGP offers nothing new. Maintaining a slight increase in price implies a superiority. Let’s ask this. Is the NGP 110 dollars more than a DSi XL?

  • $300 would be the same price as a PS3 but then the PS3 is 5 years old now. This is bringing some new technology to handheld gaming i would be surprised if its under $300

  • Yes I want an NGP.
    I’m guessing ~350CDN. I hope it’s not too much more than that :/
    Black. Or Green ^^ Black and Green would be nice. You know what it is. Black and Green, black and green.
    Portable console level graphics? Hard to argue with that.
    Final Fantasy followed by more Final Fantasy! And remake and remix all the classics please!

  • TiredOfLies

    The NGP / PSP2 looks awesome, and has some compelling features: dual analog sticks (FINALLY!), a high-res touch screen, and enough processing power to imitate the PS3’s 3D rendering capabilities. It is going to be backwards-compatible with PSP1 games… and I am waiting for the day Sony kills backwards compatibility by claiming “It’s too expensive to manufacture & include a chip we’ve made for years on the previous platform. If you want to play those games, go buy a PS2…. er… PSP1 so we can post artificially boosted sales of the previous-gen console.”

    If Sony tries pricing this as a PS3 or higher, they’ll once again see Nintendo destroying them. Nintendo practically created the cartridge-based portable gaming ideal, but even they’re not stupid enough to price a portable console with less processing power and higher potential hardware issues / breakdowns above their current-gen console’s original price… and to be honest, I have no use for the 3DS as I haven’t pulled out my DS Lite for gaming in over a year. The high price coupled with a lack of real games prevents me from even feigning interest in it…

    To be honest, even thought the NGP looks and sounds great, I can’t really get too excited either – my PSP is already doing the job quite well.

  • Piano Black intro price…$279.99 to $329.99
    Subsequent bundles and colors (Silver etc…) $379.00 and Up.

    I would like to place my order now…

    Silver Bundle with a new version of Grand Theft Auto and Takers Movie… or something equivalently good like Salt or Inception or even the latest Harry Potter films… Thanks!