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KZ3 Beta: Random Thoughts |

I played some more Warzone and Guerilla Warfare last night. I have some random thoughts.

Map Configuration You might not think that the map in the beta is too big. Personally, I do, but that’s fine. The large field with the broken pipes is a useless no mans land just to fill space. (Kind of like the one area in Fuel in MW2.) But anyway. The real problem, besides the size, is the fact that it’s hard to get out of the lower part of the map. There’s only three small areas where you can get out of the lower portion, and if the other team gets out and sets up before you do, you’re screwed. Each of those areas is easily visible by people set up in the top portion of the map. That happened to us in a game of Warzone last night, and there’s no way we could plant the explosives on the dam because we were very effectively bottled up into the lower portion of the map.

Infiltrator Bug It happened to me every once in a while, and I thought that maybe it was just me and I misunderstood what was happening. Maybe there was another guy there I was unaware of, or whatever. But last night it happened again in two very clear instances, where I could not have misunderstood and nobody else was around. My reticles were green when hovering over an enemy Infiltrator. It’s quite disconcerting to go out of your way to check for an Infiltrator only to be given incorrect information. Anyone else see this? I’ll be reporting this on the bugs thread on the official forums.

Gun Ranges Why can a guy with a shotgun kill me with one shot 80 meters away? And why can I empty a good portion of my Tactician’s SMG clip into an enemy 50 meters away, and feel like I’m spitting marshmallows?

Unlock Point Confusion Okay, I want to know: what is rule for getting unlock points? I thought I got unlock points when I levelled up, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Do you get them every 10k XP? What? Enquiring minds want to know.

  • Hi

    You my friend are starting to sound like you are complaining because the game did not go your way.

  • EdEN

    Ok, 40 comments on this post or more? Aaaaand we’re off!

  • Hi: you my friend are a troll.

  • Beastxjason
  • haha im thinking 20 comments

  • I had no idea about the “Infiltrator Bug”, nor that you mean by “Spitting Marshmallows”, but I do agree. I think that the main map is a bit big and the entire pipe area is a little under-used, but I don’t mind it. there are times when it has / will come in handy in the main game. I think for the missions game (I forget the name. The one where you go on a 30 minute game and do several missions like elimination and also plant C4?) the large map is very handy and well utilized, especially with so many things to be doing.

  • How close was this Infiltrator? I know there are upgrades to make yourself disguised when closer to an enemy. Perhaps he was withing that “Concealed when 20′ away or more”.

  • Jcmdaddy: How close was this Infiltrator? I know there are upgrades to make yourself disguised when closer to an enemy. Perhaps he was withing that “Concealed when 20′ away or more”.  

    I was trying to think what the other Infiltrator skills where. Could very well of been this Blackstaffer.

  • ANOTHER KZ3 post? I think you are going to end up liking the game ^^

  • Ferrari

    pipe area is under used?

    I don’t know about you but I’m always all over that place on Operation when trying to get the the last area to plant a C4.

    It’s very useful. If you had to go through buildings not only would it take forever but usually there are people inside trying to defend. but a good flank strategy is to use the pipe area.

    Marshmallow bullets? I’m decent at this game and there’s no such thing as marshmallow bullets. My suggestion: get better

    Infiltrator bug? re-install your game data or something because obviously it’s just you.
    or it could be that you’re playing on a small screen TV and u can’t distinguish between an enemy/ally

    I’m getting pretty fed up by your whinning quite honestly.
    first time it was cute
    second time it was annoying to read
    enough is enough

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