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The Tester 2 Reunion, Plus Download and Win |

The tester reunion special is up and available in video section on the PSN Store. Later today it will be available with the store update in its usual Tester 2 location. They are also doing one more Download and win. You can win a PS3 Slim signed by the cast, cool?

Source: PSBlog

  • xDeFcoN_2FasT4Ux

    Sounds cool! ait all u have to do is downlaod iT?

  • Oly

    Yup just DL it..
    Soo many people the chances are slim, but someone has to win!! Might as well try!

  • Beastxjason

    Im not even going to bother. I never win ๐Ÿ˜› Some lucky sap got the 3d tv last time ๐Ÿ™

  • I’ve looked everywhere in both the Video and Media section of the PSN Store. Does anyone know where to find this ?
    I’m on the Canadian PSN

  • I hate reality TV lol…

  • @Ceidz isn’t it under Media > The Tester?
    It might not be up yet due to the update.

  • Why did they bring the B.F. back >_> I don’t care if a lot of questions were about him XD he instantly made the room uncomfortable. I thought Scooter was going to snap.

  • Sinlock

    The first season was ok, but nothing special.

    I couldn’t get past the first 15mins of 3rd episode of the 2nd season. It was just unwatchable. Talentless hosts, Pointless chalanges, and Gamers that can’t game!
    For gods sake they had one person who didn’t even OWN a PS3!